Jet Set & Luna Collection Ca’ Pietra Tiles

Jet Set & Luna Collection Ca’ Pietra Tiles

Ca’ Pietra are a brand dedicated to providing top-quality materials in their tiles. Not afraid to experiment, Ca’ Pietra can provide you with a more traditional, natural stone look, or something a bit more modern through their elegant array of artful tiles. Ca’ Pietra are firm in their belief that customers benefit from being able to see their tiles locally, so you won’t have to travel far to find the Ca’ Pietra brand. At Tile & Stone, we offer you the chance to peruse our selection from the Ca’ Pietra collection online at competitive prices, so you’ll know exactly which tiles are at the top of your list.

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Be Transported…

At the higher end of their price range, Ca’ Pietra tiles offer the Jet Set selection. The Jet Set selection are funky modern tiles inspired by cities from all over the globe. At Tile & Stone, you can peruse their London, Milan, and Tokyo tiles from the Jet Set series.


Jet Set London features natural tones of white, beige, and black in marble mosaic. London’s theme is classy but quirky, with its central focus being tied to 3D illusion mosaics. Jet Set London’s marble mosaics are tiles which catch the eye, making a bold statement rather than blending into the rest of your room.


Milan’s Jet Set tiles also focus on the illusion theme, but hold back more than London’s mesmerising mosaic. Jet Set Milan features pale greys and whites in a fancy zigzag manner that is reminiscient of ocean waves on a grey day. These tiles offer you a calm but funky experience that can transform your bathroom, hallway or kitchen.


Jet set Tokyo’s colour scheme sits somewhere between London and Milan. Paler than London but with more range than Milan, Tokyo’s tiles feature grey, black, beige and white tones to create their stoney snowflake pattern. Jet Set Tokyo is class refined, but this is reflected in their price, being the most expensive of the Ca’ Pietra Jet Set tiles available at Tile & Stone.

The Moon

If you are unsatisfied by Earthly inspired tiles, you can find Ca’ Pietra floor tiles that are truly out of this world. Although not part of the Jet Set collection, Ca’ Pietra Lunar Tumbled Limestone is inspired by none other than la luna. These Lunar tiles are cream in colour and recommended for kitchen and bathroom use, but they also look stunning in living room environments. They come in a variety of shapes so while their colour may be simple, the emphasis is on their intricate laying pattern. Lunar Tumbled Limestone tiles are also the cheapest tiles in this article, coming in at £95.94.


Ca’ Pietra floor tiles are a treat for your feet, and many tiles from their range are suitable for your walls, too. Whether you’re looking for something classic, quirky, or traditional, you can find it within the Ca’ Pietra range at Tile & Stone.

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