Ca' Pietra Tiles

We promise visitors to our store a huge selection of high-quality tiles, and within this range, we bring to you the best of Ca’ Pietra tiles. Revitalise your home with these unique tiles.

Who are Ca’ Pietra?

Like many of our tile manufacturers, Ca’ Pietra only permits a select group of tile suppliers to sell their product. They look for stores which can match their ethos, stores such as our own. Like Ca’ Pietra, we are committed to stocking tiles which display craftsmanship, quality, design and manufacturing. Tile and Stone are proud to be Ca’ Pietra stockists.

In particular, the Ca’ Pietra brand cherishes warmth and natural textures, but they’re also known for unique and bold patterns. Whether you’re looking for a functional tile that blends into the rest of your aesthetic or a design that makes a statement – you can find it amongst our selection of Ca’ Pietra tiles.

Types of Ca’ Pietra Tiles

Ca’ Pietra tiles are produced for all purposes in the home, but don’t let your imagination be limited by our suggestions – it’s completely up to you whether you decide to tile your pantry with Ca’ Pietra bathroom tiles.

Ca’ Pietra Wall Tiles

For Ca’ Pietra, the feel of a tile is just as important as the look. This is certainly important if you like to go barefoot on your floor tiles, but Ca’ Pietra extend this notion to their wall tiles, too. With Ca’ Pietra wall tiles, you’ll love to run your hands along their natural feeling surfaces – perfect for a home with a relaxing aesthetic.

Ca’ Pietra Floor Tiles

A great floor tile will consider the users’ safety, design, and the feel of the tile and Ca’ Pietra succeeds in all these areas. Give your home the wow-factor by purchasing tiles from the Ca’ Pietra Statement collection.

Ca’ Pietra Stockists – Contact us Today

The best type of bathroom wall tile will be a glossy tile with a smooth finish – a tile that won’t absorb the large quantities of water and steam in the room and give you issues with maintenance later on. Your bathroom floor tiles, in addition, need to give you some protection from wet and slippy surfaces. These tiles offer the perfect combination of style and practicality for your bathroom.

You need experts in tiles who you can trust to give you the information you need to create safe, functional and stylish rooms. Ca’ Pietra tiles trust us to represent their luxury products, so contact us today to experience our free and excellent customer service. We will answer any questions you have regarding our range of Grespania tiles, Porcelanosa tile stockists or Original style floor tiles whether you’re inquiring about our prices or your intended application of our products; we are more than happy to help you out as your online tile suppliers.