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Made of marble, limestone, sandstone and slate, our collection of Ca Pietra Floor Tiles brings luxury, elegance and durability to the floors of any home or commercial building.

Stone floors have always evoked an air of sophistication, refinement and luxury. With their smooth finish, fossil details and striking colour streaks, Ca Pietra Tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing; they’re also completely unique, with no two tiles ever being the same.

Available in different sizes, colours, and finishes, our Ca Pietra range is suitable for any room or interior design style, from art deco, rustic and vintage to contemporary and modern. Some of our Pietra tiles are also fit for exterior use, making this collection of tiles an incredibly versatile range.
Stone floors are famous for their durability, making them a good choice for high traffic areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens as well as communal spaces such as corridors, stairwells and landings.

What colour tiles are available from the Ca Pietra Floor Tiles Collection?

Our Ca Pietra tiles are available in an array of popular colours, from almost white limestone and sandy colour marble to ebony black limestone and several hues of grey slate, through to the exotic amethyst streaked marble with its deep purple veins.
Our tiles are also available in different textures and finishes, including:

Honed – Smooth but not glossy, this finish is perfect for high traffic areas and very popular in marble and limestone tiles.
Tumbled – Exposing the surface grain of the stone and softly rounding its edges, this finish is very popular in limestone tiles.
Etched – This finish slightly bleaches the surface of the stone for a uniform look that appears seamless. Available in marble and limestone tiles.
Velvet – Giving the marble and limestone an almost bleached appearance, this finish also gives the tiles a gentle textured feel.
Seasoned – Mostly used in our limestone tiles, this finish enhances the natural colours and subtle fawn tones of the stone, replicating the appearance of old country house flagstones.
Weathered – Mostly found in our limestone tiles, this finish replicates the look of reclaimed stone, with a genuine time-worn look.
Distressed – Mostly used in our limestone tiles, this finish softly chips the tiles by hand to roughen its edges.
Worn – Mostly found in our limestone tiles, the Worn finish removes the stone coarseness, leaving a textured finish.
Riven – This finish is mostly used in slate tiles. By cutting the stone block along its line of cleavage, it exposes the stone’s natural grains and clefts.

What are the sizes of the Ca Pietra Floor Tiles?

Our Ca Pietra Tiles collection is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the standard size stone tiles (40 x 60 cms) to random mixed sizes, through to modern hexagon and elegant mosaic patterns, including brick, herringbone and basket weave mosaics.
Click through the Ca Pietra pages to get inspired and see all the shapes and sizes, or select a particular size using the left navigation bar. You can also speak to a member of our team for expert advise on your particular project by contacting us via our online contact form, sending us an email at or by calling us on 01539 741 155.