Grespania Tiles

Grespania tiles are renowned for the high quality and durability of all their products, which are produced using the latest technologies and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Resultingly, these prestigious, high-quality tiles are the perfect choice for any interior design scheme.

We have a large selection of Grespania tiles available for you to browse. With so many options available with this brand, we’re sure that you’ll find the tile that suits your needs soon.

Who are Grespania?

Grespania have been producing tiles since 1976 and are known for using high-quality materials alongside stunning designs. Through innovation, this brand has succeeded in producing tiles that are varied, versatile and inspiring. Every tile will evoke a sense of style, but it’s up to you whether you choose one of Grespania’s bolder patterns to ensure that your tiles are the focus of your room, or whether you pick a more relaxed tile which will compliment your current aesthetic.

Because this brand uses only the finest materials available to them, their tiles also hold up exceedingly well against everyday wear and tear. When you purchase Grespania tiles, you can be sure that you’re making a sound investment from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view.

Types of Grespania Tiles

Due to the high sense of prestige of these tiles, we can understand that you might want to tile your entire home in Grespania. To help you choose the perfect tiles for your next renovation, we’ve separated our tiles into the following subcategories:

Grespania Wall Tiles

A set of wall tiles can be useful by making it easier to keep your kitchen or bathroom clean, or their reflective surfaces could help retain natural light in your home. Still, sometimes, you might simply want to add some wall tiles to your interior design to add a little personality to your home.

Grespania Floor Tiles

While some tiles can be interchangeable between the wall and the floor, not all wall tiles are suitable for use on your floors. This is because a floor tile must meet certain regulations to minimise slipping – luckily for you, we’ve sorted our tiles so you can find safe tiles for your floor quickly. If you have any further questions regarding tile usage, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Grespania Bathroom Tiles

Carpets and other porous textures in a bathroom will retain moistures and smells. For this reason, you should consider tiling your bathroom from floor to ceiling. Make your bathroom stylish as well as functional by choosing Grespania tiles for a new bathroom.

Grespania Kitchen Tiles

Whether you’re looking for a splashback or a feature wall, Grespania’s kitchen tiles have you covered. If you have an open plan kitchen, then our Grespania kitchen floor tiles can help you to define where your kitchen begins and ends through smart design.

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As online tile suppliers, we are proud to be Grespania tile suppliers and stock an extensive range of wall and floor tiles, including some of their most popular and inspiring collections, at the best prices. These are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, colours and finishes, to meet your needs perfectly, whatever project you have in mind.

We can also deliver your choice of tiles directly to your door, making shopping for tiles easy, and we pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the highest possible levels of customer service.

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