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Grespania floor tiles come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so we’re confident that if you’re shopping with Grespania – you’ll find a tile that you love so much you’ll want to place it in other areas of your home, too.

The Truth About Grespania Floor Tiles

While some tiles can be placed on both your floors and walls without any issues, the requirements for Grespania floor tiles are very different to your standard wall tile. For example, it would be perfectly fine to use slippery glass mosaics on your walls but putting them down on your floor could cause a health hazard.

As well as being judged on their tendency to cause slipping, tiles are judged by weight and their ability to bear loads. A heavy tile might not be suitable for your walls but would be perfect for use on your floors.

Grespania produce their floor tiles in series so that you can get a feel for the look that the creators were going for in their production process. Generally, these Grespania floor tiles have a very polished, yet natural, style. There are a lot of patterns and textures that are reminiscent of nature, but each tile is polished to a high standard.

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