9 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Get the Essentials Before You Start Throw Out Your Clutter Get Rid of Excess Bottles Organise Your Recycling Program Get the Whole House Helping Out Be Efficient Room by Room Think About Smells Consider a Renovation Get the Essentials Before You Start If you’ve put aside a day for some rigorous spring cleaning, then you don’t want to open your drawers to find that you’ve got minimal bleach left and one manky-looking sponge. If you’re about to write ‘spring cleaning … Continue reading

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2020 Bathroom Design

New decade, new bathroom? If you’re keeping your bathroom fashion-fresh, then this is the article to help you revitalise your bathroom. In this blog, we’ll be talking about tiles, colours, keeping it clean and the impact of smart technology.   TILES 2020s tiles are all about geometry. If you can find a tile with an interesting shape in a few different colours and turn it into a mesmerizing feature wall, then you’ve succeeded in achieving the fresh style for the … Continue reading

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2020 Interior Design Trends for Kitchens

Interior design trends change from year to year, sometimes suddenly, but usually, there are gradual changes in popular opinion that can be predicted. In this blog, we’re going to be considering the upcoming interior designs that will keep your home looking fresh for the new decade. Tranquil Dawn and Classic Blue Dulux and Pantone have announced the colours of 2020 as shades of teal and blue named Tranquil Dawn and Classic Blue. Every year, there is a lot of speculation … Continue reading

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Why Your Kitchen Needs a Splashback

Splashbacks aren’t only a functional addition to your kitchen; they can be eye-catching and stylish too. In this blog, we are going to be discussing some different techniques that other people have used to decorate their kitchen splashbacks and the benefits of having one.

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Hexagons – The Latest Tile Trends

There are some trends which stick around for years, even decades – will solid wooden furniture ever go out of fashion, for example – but when it comes to tiling, there are so many possibilities, colours and directions that can influence your home.

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Crafting the Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Making the ultimate luxury bathroom isn’t just about visual effects; it should be functional and easy to clean too. In this article, we’re restyling your bathroom from top to bottom to help you attain that luxury feel in your bathroom.

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Filling Your Home with Warmth

Many people believe that creating the perfect cosy atmosphere requires a thick plush carpet, but a fully fitted carpet can bring plenty of problems to a house. In this blog, we consider why a tiled floor with a rug is often far more suitable, as well as other aspects that can make your home wonderfully cosy.

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Get Inspired with Antoni Gaudí

You have decided that it’s time to give your home a new look, but you are yet to decide the aesthetic, so the next step for you to take is to look at some of the best ideas on the internet. In this article, we will be looking at one of Spain’s most interesting architects to show you the amazing designs that tiles can achieve with a little imagination.

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Most Expensive Tiles

How much do you love your tiles? Or rather, how much would you be willing to pay for the tiles that dreams are made of? Some people are willing to pay extraordinary sums of money for their tiles, so let’s see what the competition looks like: 

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Merry Christmas

Another year has passed and we’re back at Christmas, the most joyous time of the year. We hope that all of your adventures in tile and stone have been successful and that the New Year will bring even more innovative design aspirations for you and your friends.  

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