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Our Grespania bathroom tiles come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours, so if you’re looking for a large format tile to make your small bathroom look bigger, or a tile of an interesting shape that is going to look perfect on a feature wall, we’re sure that you can find what you need from this range.

Grespania are an international manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tiles. They combine a keen sense of design with the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure a durable and stylish product that keeps our customers happy for years to come. Grespania has been building its services for almost forty years, and now has distribution companies all across Europe, including a base in the UK.

Grespania Bathroom Tiles

Tiling your bathroom is a very popular choice in many modern homes – and with good reason. A tiled floor and walls are easy to clean and will not retain moisture like a carpeted floor and painted walls. In this manner, Grespania tiles will help you to reduce the spread of mould in your bathroom.
A tiled bathroom floor is especially preferable if you want your bathroom to smell better; carpets are good at holding in particulate matter and smells so swapping out a damp and nasty carpet for some fresh new tiles can make a big difference to your bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom Tiles from Grespania

Our Grespania bathroom tile products are organised by the design series that they were released in. This is useful if you’re looking to recreate a particulate atmosphere for your new bathroom. For example, our set of Grespania Palace products have a very regal feel to them – good for a sophisticated bathroom. On the other hand, our Grespania Siroco products come in a variety of dark colours with interesting geometric patterns – essential for a stylish modern bathroom.
If you are interested in testing these Grespania bathroom tiles before making a large purchase, we recommend requesting one of our tile samples. If you have any queries about our prices, making an order, or the tiles themselves, we would love to hear more from you, so please contact us.