Tiles: Off the Wall and onto Your Table

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Tiles: Off the Wall and onto Your Table

Tiles are fantastic; they’re easy to clean, they’re modern, and each tile is a self-contained piece of art contributing to part of a bigger picture in your home. But what do you do when you’ve ordered too many? Never fear, because in truth, you can never have too many tiles. If you’ve finished tiling your walls with trendy travertine, and your floors are already coated in our sleek ceramic floor tiles, you may have some leftover fragments. Here are some cute ideas for recycling those fragments and filling your home with a creative use of tiles.

Tile Coasters

You can now match your drinks coasters to your home. Patterned tiles make for especially interesting-looking coasters on which to rest your drinks, but a set of four identical square tiles will also look stunning on your coffee table. Be aware, a little effort is required to prep your leftover tiles to be worthy of a place on your table. For example, if you don’t felt the underside of your new tile-coasters, you will risk scratching your woodwork with the tiles. You should also be aware that bevelled tiles won’t work as coasters because the bumpy design will cause your glass to tilt.

Turkish Ceramic Tiles


Tile Napkin Holder

A dining table filled with matching ceramics looks beautiful, so if you’re still holding onto a cluster of tiles after you’ve finished making some coasters, why not add to your homemade tableware collection by creating a ceramic napkin holder. A ceramic napkin holder will complement your coasters perfectly and will ensure that those messy drink spills get cleaned up before they stain your table.

The tile napkin holder is a step up from the D.I.Y. coasters, but there is plenty of inspiration for you to draw from on Etsy and Pinterest, so you don’t have to worry about coming up with an original design. Unlike the tile coasters, your napkin holder can make use of leftover bevelled tiles.

Plain napkin holder with red tiles next to it


Tiled Pencil Cup

The last item to tile for your coffee table is a pencil cup. If you have any broken tiles, you can utilise these broken pieces by decorating a tin to become your personal pencil collector. This is an arts and crafts activity that you can involve the kids in too, so you can pass on your love of tiles to them. The pencil cup will keep your pens tidy and accessible for those moments where you quickly need to scribble a memo, and if you’ve already crafted some napkin holders, you could repurpose one of them as a paper holder for making these memos. Like the napkin holder, you can use both bevelled and smooth tiles on the pencil cup.Plain tin with blue tiles next to it

There are many different arts and crafts activities you can use with tiles. This page has only covered a few of the indoor uses of spare tiles, but you can also look outdoors and tile your planters or jazz up your paths will a little D.I.Y. mosaic. If you’re in search of extra tiles for your arts and crafts activities, Kendal Tile and stone provide a beautiful array for you to choose from, including but not limited to ceramic floor tiles.

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