Should You Choose Coloured Tiles?

Should You Choose Coloured Tiles?

Decorating your home is an exciting task, especially with lots of different ideas and designs to choose from. Wanting to brighten up the rooms in your house with colourful tiles can seem a great idea, but does it suit and match the ideas you had in your head?


With several different options available on tiles, such as Grespania and original style, it begs the question – should you choose coloured tiles?

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Bathroom colour schemes can seem essential for getting the exact look, feel, and design you want in your bath or shower room. By breaking free from staid designs, your bathroom can look bright and bold with your colour schemes.


Colour can completely transform a bathroom. By taking traditional bathrooms and adding a vibrant twist, you can bring a modern edge to your suite. Bathroom flooring is also a big thing to consider when choosing your colour scheme. Colourful bathrooms are a big trend at the moment, as they can add life and vibrancy to your home. Grespania ceramic tiles are a good choice to decorate the bathroom.




Coloured tiles in the kitchen can be beautiful and expressive. Whether they are strong or discreet, used over large areas, or simply used to create individual accents – a room is characterised by colour. Gentle colours were a popular choice for some time, but strong colours are making a comeback – not just in living rooms, but in kitchens and bathrooms as well.


Original style tiles are a great choice for the kitchen, with numerous styles and colours on offer, there is a right choice for you. At Tile and Stone, we have a various selection of original style tiles available, you can view our range here.




Perfect Home Improvement


Tiles are great products to provide the perfect home improvement, as they come in an array of materials, shapes, patterns, colours, and styles, of which can be used for either an entire room, or a decorative border. Using tiles is an easy way to achieve a luxury look in your home, achieving long-lasting results.



Make Statements


Patterns work brilliantly in bathrooms, with the combination of blue and green making a perfect choice for the bathroom as it delivers the ultimate style statement.


Also, using colourful left over tiles, you can spruce up your old furniture, or even frame a mirror. Also, by tiling the top of a table, it can give it a new lease of life. By being creative, there are many uses for colourful tiles in your home should you choose this style of décor.


With so many choices available with home design and decoration, the possibilities seem endless. Here at Tile and Stone, we are one of the UK’s largest retailers of Natural Stone, Porcelain, and Ceramic Tiles, priding ourselves on the quality of our products and superb customer service.


Our aim is to provide tiles that suit everybody’s taste, budget, and style. If you’re looking at decorating your home, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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