Spotlight on: Original Style Victorian Tiles

Spotlight on: Original Style Victorian Tiles

Tile and Stone Original style tiles are premium designs that radiate fashion, function and charm. Whether you’re looking for a neutral, modern or more traditional tile aesthetic, you are certain to find something to suit you in our extensive Original Style collection.


Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our Original Style Victorian tiles. These tiles embrace the period Victorian era with their classic shapes and styles.

Victorian floor

Brief History of Victorian Tiles


If one thing is to be said about the Victorians, it’s that they loved a colourful, geometrically patterned floor. There was an increased interest in medieval architecture at the beginning of the 19th century, helped in part due to the archaeological excavations of medieval sites around Britain at the time. This led to a time known as the ‘Gothic revival’ and an increase in demand for all things medieval, including floor tiles.


The style was influenced by gothic buildings from the Middle Ages, which were floored with exquisitely patterned tiles. These floors were revitalised in the Victorian era by a Mr Herbert Minton, who developed new methods of producing and developing decorative floor tiles; he also produced tiles for lavish clients, including the Houses of Parliament.


The tiles were expensive, but soon a more cost-effective alternative was discovered; cheaper, single coloured tiles were used, but they were simply laid out in a repeating pattern to create the geometric shapes. Since this revolutionary idea took off at the same time as the industrial revolution, the mass manufacturing of these tiles became much more accessible. It was no longer only the rich who could afford them.


Ways to Use Victorian Tiles


Whilst the Victorians saved the flashiest floor tiles for their entrances and hallways – areas intended to show off their wealth to visitors – our Victorian tiles are much more versatile. Our sophisticated range of tiles in this style can be used in a variety of rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom.


We offer a wide selection of stunning Victorian-style tiles. Their geometric patterns are quintessentially British and will drench your home in class and sophistication. Victorian tiles are perfect for both the floor and walls. They can be mixed together with a modern aesthetic, so even if you have modern fittings in your kitchen and bathroom, traditional tiles will blend seamlessly alongside them.


Embrace the colours of Victorian tiles by matching them to your fittings and décor. Go for a high impact, colourful pattern for your tiles. Don’t be scared to go bold. Create a more contemporary look with traditional Victorian tiles by incorporating them with the use of modern forms of design. For example, employ the use of a modern feature wall but consider doing this with a vibrant Victorian tile to really make a room stand out.


Victorian floor 3

What Victorian Tiles Can do for Your Home


Victorian-style tiles in the home can really bring a classy look to any room. Their stylish geometric shapes are perfect for both restoring Victorian or Edwardian properties or embellishing feature areas within modern properties.


Victorian tiles can add value to your property. If you’re enhancing features of an older property or creating a feature floor for your modern home, Victorian-style tiles will add a touch of character and charm. They will also serve you well down the line, if you were ever to put your property on the market.


Tile and Stone Original Style Victorian Tiles


Our extensive range of Victorian-style tiles include some truly stunning designs. Some of these include:


Falkirk pattern
The Falkirk Pattern: an Edinburgh diagonal lattice pattern. Available in white, red and grey with a matt surface finish. A style that truly makes a bold statement.








Richmond pattern




The Richmond Pattern makes use of traditional colours, and the design is the perfect partner to our heritage Artworks range of ceramic tiles. Available in white, red and black, it is perfect for both the kitchen and the bathroom.






Chatsworth pattern



The Chatsworth Pattern: a pattern as grand as the stately home that it’s named after. Available in beige, green, red, blue, black and grey and completed with a matt finish, it’s perfect for both kitchen and bathroom.





Ambleside pattern





Finally, we have the Ambleside Pattern: a pattern that is quintessentially Victorian. A basket weave made up of small squares and rectangles in black and white. A classic style that just exudes Victorian charm.







For Original Style Victorian Tiles, contact Kendal Tile and Stone. Call us on 01539 741155, and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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