Is Your Bathroom Family Friendly?

Is Your Bathroom Family Friendly?

Although your bathroom may look fantastic and you enjoy spending time in there, if you have a family it is important that you are making sure that it is suitable for all individuals to use, not just yourself.

It is especially important to plan ahead and design a family friendly bathroom if you are planning to have children in the future so that it is easily accessible for them when they get to an age where they can use the toilet by themselves.

As bathroom experts specialising in Porcelanosa floor tiles, we understand how important it is to design your bathroom with your family in mind. Here are 3 things to think about if you want to redesign your bathroom!


Will It Be Child Friendly?

When your children begin to use the toilet, it is important that your bathroom is easy for them to access. From the toilet bowl and the toilet seat to the sink, you will need to make sure that your child can reach and use them without any risk of injury or accidents occurring.

Ornery baby pulling toilet paper off the roll

Installing features such as a slow closing toilet seat can remove the risk of the child trapping their fingers, and adding a special step for them to use to reach the toilet. Installing non-slip tiles for the floor can also reduce the risk of your child slipping on the floor if it becomes wet, or if they are wearing slippery footwear such as socks.


Can You Have a Luxurious, Practical Bathroom?

Yes! This is one of the most common myths surrounding bathrooms in family homes. Just because you are placing an emphasis on safety, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style in order to do so.

Interior of classic bathroom with white walls 3D rendering

There are plenty of safety conscious, attractive bathroom features available, so don’t feel like you have to be restricted to bland, boring bathroom fixtures – there are luxurious ones too! You can still have that beautiful bathroom that you’ve always wanted and your children will be safe at the same time!


Think About Storage Space

In a bathroom that is used by more than one or two people, space will start to become a problem, even if you will only be sharing the space with your young children.

It’s a good idea to think about installing additional storage space so that your bathroom doesn’t become cluttered with various items which belong to different people in the household. This will not only keep your bathroom clutter free, it will also allow you to move more freely around in space you have available, something that is beneficial if you have toddlers in the bathroom – we don’t want them tripping up over towels!

bathroom design

Making sure your bathroom is family friendly is something that should be considered before designing a brand new bathroom set up. It’s easier and cheaper in the long to get the features installed when the bathroom is new than to adapt an old room.

If you’d like to find out more about how our tiling products can help you create the perfect bathroom for you and your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Tile and Stone Online today. Give our team a call on 01539 741155 or connect with us over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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