Crafting the Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

White bathroom clean tidy storage

Crafting the Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Making the ultimate luxury bathroom isn’t just about visual effects; it should be functional and easy to clean too. In this article, we’re restyling your bathroom from top to bottom to help you attain that luxury feel in your bathroom.

Lots of Tiles

Tiles are sleek, modern, comfortable and easy to clean, so if you’re stuck in a carpeted bathroom, the first thing you should do is rip up the carpet and replace it with tiles. A carpeted bathroom tends to soak up all the steam in the room, which can lead to some bad smells and even mould problems later.

The type of tile you purchase will depend on the style of your bathroom; a wood-effect floor tile is a safe option, and the same goes for glossy white tiles on the walls, but you can be more extravagant and adventurous should you so desire.

For example, if you’re struggling with a small bathroom and feel as though you will never achieve the luxury elegance that you desire, then you should consider buying bright or white large format tiles. Large format tiles are well known for opening a space up, and bright colour will allow light to bounce around the room, which is also important for creating the illusion of space.

On the other hand, you might choose to create a bathroom full of character. If you like to keep up with interior designing trends, then you might be interested to know that dark and rich colours are currently very fashionable:

We have porcelain bathroom tiles in a huge variety of colours, textures and sizes so you can be sure that you will find the perfect tiles for your luxury bathroom with us at a great price.

Clean and Tidy

Sometimes, a luxury bathroom isn’t about how you’ve styled it. You could have laid down the most beautiful and expensive tiles in the world, selected the most functional shower system and even purchased a soft-close toilet lid, yet there’s still something off about your very expensive new bathroom that you just can’t put your finger on.

Now ask yourself this question: “How many of these toiletries do I actually use and need?”

The answer to this question is likely to shock you once you start rooting out all the well-meaning (but sadly unwanted) bathroom gifts that you’ve received over the years and never used. We all have that one brand of shampoo that works wonders, a favourite soap or shower gel scent – but all this sometimes means that those presents end up sat around your bathroom, amassing over the years, getting bigger and more cluttered with every passing birthday.

You need to get tough and accept that you aren’t going to use those gifts and donate them to a charity shop, school tombola, or a raffle at work. It’s hard, but if you want the ultimate luxury bathroom, you are going to have to declutter it first.

White bathroom clean tidy storage

Fixtures and Fittings

Remember that a luxury bathroom combines luxury with functionality, so choosing a beautifully deep minimalist bath is a great idea if you have the space for it, but it won’t feel luxurious if you need to squeeze around it just to get to the toilet. At all times, visualise how you will use your space once it’s finished.

That said, each bathroom will have its restrictions and possibilities, but you can consider whether some of the following themes and ideas will work in your bathroom:

A Deep Bath is the epitome of luxury and will quickly become your favourite aspect of your new bathroom once you’ve settled down in those relaxing waters at the end of a hard-working day.

A Soft Close Toilet is perfect for a peaceful bathroom; no more slammed lids.

Underfloor Heating is the luxury that every house in Britain needs come winter. You might not be able to see it, but you’ll certainly appreciate it.

Heated Mirrors make shaving in the bathroom so much easier.

A Power Shower will function much the same as a deep bath; it’s all about providing deep relief and comfort at the end of the day.

Fun Extras

Once you’ve thrown out all unnecessary bits and pieces, designed and installed your bathroom, then the last thing to consider is how you furnish your bathroom. If you decided against the underfloor heating, then some thick plush bathmats are imperative.

You can also improve the appearance of your bathroom by tapping into aspects of biophilia and adding a small pot plant or two to the room. Be careful when choosing your plant as it will have to be able to withstand environments of great humidity – a dying plant won’t add much to your bathroom aesthetic after all.

A heated towel rack will also add a lot of depth to the room; you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your towel again, and if you purchase thick towels that blend in with the colours of your bathroom then the overall effect will be fantastic.

At the end of the day, it’s important to create a bathroom that you will love. We can help you get there with our design tips on our blog, or you can enquire for more information on our tiles. We have everything from Porcelanosa bathroom tiles to a range of gorgeous Grespania tiles so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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