How to Create the Perfect Kitchen

How to Create the Perfect Kitchen

Creating the perfect kitchen is every homeowner’s dream. No longer a place where housewives are banished to slave at the stove all day, the kitchen is both the hearth and the heart of any modern home, somewhere friends and family can gather to socialise as well as eat and drink together.

Building a whole new kitchen doesn’t come cheap, but there are ways to get your kitchen looking like perfection without pulling out the big guns for a full renovation. Read on for some top (and low cost) tips to help you achieve kitchen perfection.

Clear the Decks

While there’s nothing wrong with a homely ‘lived-in’ look, and no-one is suggesting that your kitchen should look like a laboratory, ridding the surfaces of general mess will dramatically improve the look of your kitchen. Have a policy that all surfaces are completely cleared of anything that doesn’t permanently live in the kitchen every single evening, to prevent it from building up again.



Make a Statement with Tiles

You don’t need a completely new kitchen to give it a makeover, in the same way that you don’t need a completely new wardrobe to give yourself a new look. Think of statement tiles a bit like a new haircut; they do practically all the work of creating a new look with only a small amount of outlay. Tiles are the fastest and most effective way of creating an updated or different look to your kitchen.

Modern red kitchen interior 3d

When you shop at Tile & Stone Online you can make significant savings in comparison to going to a high street store and you can choose from modern, rustic, printed or traditional tile choices.



Thinking Ergonomically

The most efficient kitchen has been designed with consideration for how it’s used. Make sure things are close to where you need them – the chopping boards should be easy to grab and the pans should be located near the hob. If you’re starting a kitchen from scratch, think about the ‘kitchen triangle’, a design concept which dictates that there should be a triangle between sink, fridge and cooker.

Generally, opt for timeless quality items over fads and fashions, while less clutter, better layouts and statement tiles can transform your kitchen from dated to perfect in no time. If you need advice on tiles and stones then please contact us today for more information.

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