Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018

Interior Design - Green Room

Interior Design Trends for Spring 2018

Springtime is here, and with it comes a new wave of home design trends that will bring your property right up to date. If you are considering clearing out the clutter and spring cleaning your home, why not give the decor an update as well? There are some hot new trends coming up in the interior design world, and you could get ahead of the game with a home makeover of your own, incorporating some of the fresh new looks out there.
Here are some of 2018’s top interior design trends for the spring and summer seasons.


Colour Picks: Think Bold


Grey is still the base colour of choice for most interior designers. The natural, neutral look is certainly an enduring one. However, a bright pop of a rich colour can liven up a grey room and draw focus to areas. Make use of feature walls, soft furnishings and striking pieces to add a bold touch to any room.


Colours to watch for this season include emerald green, which looks great in bathrooms and bedrooms, and deep purples like violet and fuchsia. Another big trend this year is the re-emergence of mustard yellow, rebranding for 2018 as millennial yellow. The warm shade is perfect for relaxing living areas, lively kitchens and cosy studies.


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Dark Woods Make a Comeback
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If you are sick of the Scandinavian pine that has infiltrated almost every home for the past decade, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Dark hardwoods are back in a big way. Solid statement pieces like mahogany sideboards and walnut dining sets can make a real impact on a room. Hardwood flooring is also shifting to the dark side, with parquet and herringbone coming back into fashion.

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Think Tropical
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Complementing the rise of emerald green, jungle and tropical themes are apparent in many of this season’s interiors catalogues. Achieving this look is simple. Consider heavy tiling for kitchens and bathrooms, with a full wall or more in a deep, luscious green. Set the colours off with plenty of potted palms and ferns: thick green leaves are the perfect finishing touch to the tropical look.


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Tiling Trends


With the herringbone style coming back, designers have been getting creative in incorporating it. Herringbone tiling is a bold new statement, creating unusual chevron patterns on kitchen and bathroom walls. Colours can be contrasted for the best effect, or similar shades can be subtly mixed for a more understated effect.


Spa bathrooms are in high demand right now. Homeowners want to bring the peaceful, relaxing spa right into their own homes. Statement tiling can achieve that spa look at home, especially where warm, neutral shades are mixed with natural stone and slate. If you can justify the spending, a jacuzzi bath is this year’s must-have home item. Create a bit of luxury in your own home with a tranquil haven that’s just for you.


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