6 Top Tips for Adding Scandinavian Style to Your Home

6 Top Tips for Adding Scandinavian Style to Your Home

The style of Scandinavian interior design and hygge decor has swept all over the world, creating a distinct, classic and beautiful look. With a focus on minimalism, simplicity and functionality that embraces natural textures, colour and the outdoors, this design movement which originally emerged in the 1950s has created an appreciation for understated elegance and craftsmanship in our homes.


The Scandinavian style allows us to focus and replicate our stunning surroundings with hints to cool, soft shades of stone, pastel blue skies and notable flower and foilage flairs. However, as conveyed by the term “hygge” itself, above all, Scandinavian style is about conveying warmth and comfort as a priority. Below we’ve created a quick guide with some top tips for creating the Scandinavian interior design in your own home.


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1. Lighting Plays a Key Role


With as little as almost a week’s worth of daylight during the winter months in the Nordic countries, the way lighting is used is critical to typical Scandinavian interior design – it could be considered a form of survival. Interiors have several types of lighting that are excellent for creating adequate mood building illumination. Consider items such as hanging lights through pendant lamps or light bulbs to wall sconces. Candlelight is also a prominent feature that adds a touch of glow and whimsy to your space. Dot your candles throughout your space by hanging them from walls or placing them on windowsills.


2. Light Flooring


The wall-to-wall carpeting look has never been successful in Scandinavian design. Flooring traditionally is hard-wood, often painted white or left in its natural colour. This contributes to expanding the space and inviting more light into the room. You can recreate this look by introducing pale, cool tones of colour into your home. Whitewashed woods, faded stone and soft grey or pastel blue hues are all staple Scandi tones that will suit a variety of styles throughout the home.



Our Grespania tiles are a great way to bring a Scandinavian flair to your home. Light wooden flooring is often used in all rooms apart from the bathroom in a Scandinavian design. It’s also known that few Scandi rooms go without a floor rug (even the kitchens!), so try adding a luxurious and cosy rug to your floor that works with your space.


grespania tiles in an interior design


3. Concrete Wall Effects


Icy, cool colour palettes play a large role in Scandinavian interiors and they are perfect for contrasting soft light, warm candles and warm wooden textures. Given that the Scandinavian focus is on functional and organic elements, concrete seems like a natural choice. A stylish option for your wall tiles is to search for textured and paler styles of concrete that will add interest and some subtle depth to your Scandinavian inspired home design.


Natural imperfections or grains of texture replicate poured concrete and convey realistic characteristics of stone which becomes a key element in achieving the authenticity in a Scandinavian inspired home. Remember, the paler the better when it comes to the wall colours and, if you decide to opt for something other than concrete, then white is your best bet, as this allows art and furniture to be the focal point and captivate the room.


4. Wood Finishes


The Scandinavian design uses wood not only for flooring but also for decorative purposes in furniture, such as coffee tables, wooden chairs for sitting and dining. It’s also popular to combine metallic finishes in accent pieces or through the use of lighting. Brass and copper sconces and pendants are a great way of adding some extra shine to a room. Don’t be afraid to use as much wood as you wish, it’s a staple component of the nature that the Scandinavian style wishes us to enhance.



Incorporate cladding on ceilings and walls to add warmth and texture and don’t be afraid to mix different woods. Add wicker, seagrass, rattan, leather, copper brass, and so on. Don’t forget to add a touch of greenery, whether it’s a small bouquet of flowers or some quaint potted plants dotted around the room. It not only gives some air to the room, but it combines the true elements of Scandinavian style and design.


Bathroom with shower and basin with wood effect.


5. Warm Textiles


In countries with cold climates, it’s no surprise that part of the decor comes in the form of warming textiles like soft cotton, wool or mohair throws. Not only do they provide a feeling of cosiness and warmth, but they also provide another layer of texture to a room. Don’t be afraid to play with your texture as the best Scandi interiors mix up the textures of layers to create lots of unique interest — think linen throws combined with knitted cushions and perhaps maybe even a couple of wonderful velvet cushions. Drape them over the sofa, bed, or dining chairs.


6. Limited Window Treatments


To keep with the theme of light elements and to invite as much light into a room as possible, you’ll want to keep your windows basic. Scandinavian spaces tend to leave their windows bare of any coverings. However, if you do wish to add a little something, choose lighter fabrics such as sheer and lien, but avoid all heavy material such as velvet curtains. By removing any distractions, you will create a modern and minimalist window style that will shine during the cold winter and dark evenings.


Are you wanting to create your own Scandinavian-inspired home? Then use these top tips to get you started. If you’re on the lookout for a top quality range of fantastic tiles and stone to help create that Scandinavian touch, then why not check out our range online at Kendal Tile & Stone? We have a wide range of products that can transform all the rooms in your home. If you require any further information on any of our products services, please do not hesitate to contact us today by calling 01539 741155, or emailing info@tileandstoneonline.co.uk, and we will be happy to help.

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