Summer Colours: What Colours are set to be on trend this summer?

Summer Colours: What Colours are set to be on trend this summer?

As the warmer, brighter weather swoops in, we are sure to see some new colours and trends burst into homes. The interior trends that seemed cosy and warm in the winter, may not necessarily be the look and feel that summer is bringing in. The styles are changing, and from Kitchen to living room, Bathroom to Dining room, the industry has a brand-new set of exciting summer colours and styles to offer.


Tiles in Kitchen



The kitchen colour trends are spot on for the summer. When you think of summer, you might think of bright yellows, lush greens, and vibrant oranges. But, the summer is giving clean and crisp lines and looks with blacks, whites, and greys. These monochrome tones can work in many ways, and can also work with an accompanying yellow or orange if you’re feeling daring. Black and white have always been popular finishes, but we are sure to see a surge in these key pieces; from small monochrome accessories to a full work surface.
In addition to the monochrome pallet, the main colour trend is heading earthier. We can expect to see copper influences, such as on door handles or appliances. This will complement the natural and metal tones and is sure to stand the test of time.
Modern painted cabinets are becoming more popular, and by summer we will be seeing them popping up in homes. Instead of a sleek marble finish, why not go with this trend and give your cabinets a lick of matte grey paint to match the earthy, copper or monochrome touches.





The living room is receiving a different end of the spectrum to monochrome tones. Keeping with the earthy feel, and mixing it with the colours of spring, plenty of green tones will be springing into rooms. By adding fresh and zesty green shades you are sure to bring a hint of summer into your home. Greenery in the home can give an atmosphere of rejuvenation and fresh air.
To complement these light green colours, design in the home will see a rise in deeper hues, such as olive greens and khakis. These will be working alongside dark purple and maroon shades, as well as brick reds and charcoal greys. Mixing the bright summer shades with the darker colours will recreate a pure sense of earth, summer, and natural materials.
A unique trend that is working its way through the design grapevine is primary colours in the home. This could be for the bright and brave, but a long-term forecast predicts that red, blue and green will be bursting colour in our homes. This is sure to give a blast of colour and a certain pop art feel.


Green Lounge



A more organic and natural look is returning to our bathrooms. The direction is heading towards a more clean, practical, and simple arrangement. With just a dash of elegance and a whole load of cosiness, your bathroom can create a functional and stylish room.
The natural woods and use of materials are going to be one of the main focuses of the relaxing room, and just like summer, the serene feeling of the outdoors will surround us. The bathroom is the one room that replenishes us and makes us feel refreshed, but add these shades and materials, and it’s got an even bigger boost. Just like the kitchen, you can see these monochrome tones and earthy, wood shades, but in a completely different design and style.


Wooden Bathroom


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