Hexagons – The Latest Tile Trends

Hexagons – The Latest Tile Trends

There are some trends which stick around for years, even decades – will solid wooden furniture ever go out of fashion, for example – but when it comes to tiling, there are so many possibilities, colours and directions that can influence your home. Tiles have been a huge part of interior design trends over the last few years, so in this blog, we explain the hype surrounding some of the most hip and trendy tiles on today’s market – hexagonal tiles.

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Hexagonal Tiling

Geometrically satisfying to the extreme, hex tiles bring a modern feel to an old room – particularly a kitchen or bathroom. They are precise, clean and unique, looking great as part of a mosaic feature, medium-sized kitchen splash-back, or larger tiles making up an elegant entryway.

There are plenty of ways to make your hex tiles your own, and in this section, we discuss some of the things you can do to make your unique tiles even more effective in your home.


You can create a beautiful honeycomb effect by combining a single style of hexagon tile with a contrasting grout. For example, if you are using a dark tile, such as our Ca’ Pietra Metropolitan Slate Riven Pewter Hexagon, you should consider combining this with a pristine white grout to make your tiles pop. The honeycomb method is a great way to accentuate the individualistic shape of your hexagonal tiles.

The picture below showcases precisely how a contrasting grout has made the black tiles pop, whereas the white hexagonal tiles aren’t nearly so clear. Choosing dull shades which blend in with the grout won’t make the most of your hexagonal tiles’ unique shape, so think carefully before deciding on your design.

This feature floor also brings us towards your next possibility – mosaics.

Hexagonal Mosaic

We’ve all seen a mosaic before, but while there’s something reminiscent of the Roman Empire in your average mosaic constructed from small square tiles, the opposite is true for a mosaic made from tiny hex-tiles. Hex-tile mosaics are very modern and quite refreshing, and we sell plenty of small Original Style glassworks hexagonal tiles for all your feature floor/ wall desires.

A Wave of Colour

You can create a wave of colour with your hex-tiles – an idea which can be especially effective for a kitchen splashback. For this design, we recommend that you choose three colours or shades that work well together, and then apply them to your wall or floor to create a soothing wall that is both cheerful and stylish. If the example image below is a little too modern for your tastes, we also offer traditional inspiration through our Original Style Victorian floor tiles in Stratford Pattern.

Similar to mixing different colours and shades, another idea you could consider is to mix different finishes of the same colour. For example, the image below mixes tiles of nearly the same colour with different finishes:

Designating Space

Your hexagonal tiles can be more than just beautiful; they can be functional too. A wood-effect tile floor that blends into a wave of hexagon-shaped porcelain floor tiles can be an extremely effective way to show where one space ends and another begins. This style can be very powerful in an open plan room for describing where your ‘kitchen’ space begins and ends, without the labour of installing walls.


Some hexagonal tiles designs can suggest that your wall was made from some 3D cubes, which gives the illusion of shape to your wall. Mixing these tiles with flat colours and shades can make a brilliant feature wall that is sure to impress your guests.

There is so much potential for hexagon-shaped tiles in your home, so why not start drafting up your dream designs for any tired-looking rooms in your home? If you have any questions regarding prices, weight or dimensions, why not get in contact with us? We may also be able to offer some design and fitting advice. In the meantime, we have plenty of other blogs on this year’s latest interior design trends for you to catch up on, such as our Hot Interior Design Trends 2019.

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