Styling Your Home on a Budget

Styling Your Home on a Budget

Although sometimes much-needed, interior design can be an expensive task. The cost of every little detail quickly adds up, which can be especially taxing when you’re on a tight budget. Styling your home doesn’t need to turn into an excessive endeavour; sometimes, the smallest details make the biggest difference.

A few simple tricks are sure to give you the stylish home you want!

DIY Your Décor

Second-hand shops have a wide range of inexpensive decoration items, including other bits and bobs, that you can buy to transform into your own personalised decorations. Putting other decorations or individual items to create something new might take some time, but you end up with a stylish object that is just how you want it.

Buy some paint and other essential items at the arts and crafts shop – these are inexpensive but effective ways of detailing your new decorations. Give them the finish you like, and they can look vintage or modern chic.

Repurpose Your Decorations

You don’t always have to buy new decorations to keep your house following the current trends. Old items like mirrors and clocks can easily be repurposed into other pieces of art or decoration. And the best part is that you’ll know you did them yourself, which will make them extra special.

Old throws and cushions can be redone; simply train your sewing skills and get to creating personalised throws. If you have some wooden pegs and string lying about, you can create a lovely clothesline photo art.

Add a Pop of Colour

Whether you want to repaint your walls or add some tiles to your home, choosing contrasting colours is always sure to create a welcoming environment. Following the yearly colour trends, you can use both paint and tiles combined for a special look.

Tiles are durable and sturdy, which will provide you with a great investment. Both short and long term, you’ll see the benefits of tiles that always look amazing – and in the colours you love the most!

At Tile and Stone Online, we have a wide range of tiles for your bathroom, kitchen, wall, or floor, that will allow you to truly create your stylish home on a budget. You can choose your favourite colours and materials, according to your personal requirements.

Get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01539 741155; our friendly team is always happy to help and to answer any query you might have! Alternatively, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter to see our news and updates.

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