Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles

You might remember a few weeks ago, we did a blog post discussing how you would go about choosing your perfect tile. We took into account lifestyle habits; the other residents in your house and, of course the budget you have to play with. 

While we feel that with that information, you would be able to go out and pick up the tiles that are suited perfectly to your home; ones which can feature in any room you want there is an exception – the bathroom.


Yes, when it comes to choosing the tiles for your bathroom, it’s an entirely different ball-game.  This is because the tiles aren’t simply an added part of the decor to a bathroom, but an essential item due to their hygienic and water resistant properties compared to wallpaper and carpets.


Don’t panic however, as tile specialists we thought we would talk you through how to choose the right bathroom tiles.




Your bathroom is the cleanest place in the house, and your tiles should definitely reflect that. With their ‘fresh’ appearance and easy to wipe surfaces, hygiene is one of the first things that comes to mind when using tiles in the bathroom.


While tiles are designed to be water-resistant, they aren’t always water proof, so you want to be careful on where you place them. Of course, you can always get some extra sealant for the shower, to ensure no pesky water can escape and compromise the integrity of your tiles.

Cleaning Grout

It looks bigger!


If you have a relatively small bathroom, the use of certain tiles means you can make it look at least twice as big! Light coloured tiles, such as white or cream can make your bathroom appear bigger as they reflect the light more than darker colours, giving your bathroom an airy and spacious feel!


Using the same tiles on both the walls and floors can make your bathroom appear bigger as well.


Back to nature


Have you considered picking up some natural stone tiles for your bathroom? Travertine, marble and slate tiles can create some fantastic effects in your bathroom. A nice added touch is most natural stone tiles you’ll find have been designed to replicate the look of natural stone, giving your bathroom the ultimate nature look.


Size matters


Most tile experts will say that if you have a small bathroom, you should avoid using larger tiles as it can have a negative look on your bathroom. However, if the majority of tiles can be applied without any cuts being applied, the end result can be quite impressive.


The problem with using small tiles is the fact that there’ll be a heck of a lot of gout lines around the place, which is more noticeable in a bathroom. As a result, most people end up going for a medium sized tile for both large and small bathrooms.


You should also take note of the spacing around your bathroom; how close are your sink and toilet? Because if they’re all spaced quite closely together then smaller tiles will most likely look the best.

Tiles 1

Of course, the golden rule is that all tiles compliment the already awesome design of the room you want them in!


If you want to begin your hunt for the perfect bathroom tiles, why not contact us? We stock a range of different tiles, from the Villeroy and Boch tiles to the more natural stone variety. So call us today on 01539 741155 and one of our team of experts will be happy in your hunt for the perfect tile.

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