The Question of Living Room Tiles

The Question of Living Room Tiles

If you were to announce you wanted a full living room of tiles you might get a strange look; aside from around the fireplace it is a somewhat alien material in this area of the home. But this has not always been the case and it should not restrict you to having tiles in your bathroom and kitchen alone. The aesthetic of tile is very versatile and, under the right conditions, can make your living room a comfortable haven to be in.

So, should you incorporate tiles into your living room?


Big and comfortable living room.3D design concept
Wooden flooring and carpets are the staples in the way to dress your living room floor. However, another option is the use of tiles for your flooring instead. They are the sleekest options for your kitchen and bathroom, so why can this not be true for the heart of your home as well? You might be afraid that this will be too cold an option. That the tiles will mean no warmth for your feet during the winter, or that it will just add an element of clinical feel overall. This is not necessarily true.

A large rug is a perfect solution for anyone wanting a warmer touch underfoot during the colder months. Not to mention, it will add an element of comfort to the overall look of your room. Whether this is on a wooden, tiled or carpeted floor this is a fact that remains true. White tiles are also not your only option. It is possible to use a myriad of interesting tiles, creating a mosaic look that will certainly be a talking point for all of your guests and be a great feature.

Wall Tiles

Living room with wall mounted tv and gas fireplace in warm inviting home

Tiles on the wall in your living room may have you worried that people will be looking around, wondering where the toilet is. But this isn’t the case! Bathroom and kitchen tiles are a very particular aesthetic, one that is restricted to those particular parts of your home. You can use bigger, more interesting tiles in order to decorate the walls of your living room. These can be in a variety of styles which complement the rest of your home – vastly different from the ones that you may find in any other room in your house.

You may find that a tiled living room feature wall is the best option, interesting but not too shocking for the senses of your guests. It will also give a good sense of what a whole room in this design would look like. If it is too much, as you may find, then it is perfectly easy to stop there and simply have the one wall as the only point of interest.


House cleaning product on wood table

Cleaning is a big concern of any interior design choice. If it looks great but is entirely impossible to clean then you may rue the day you chose that particular material. Luckily, wall or floor, tile is extremely easy to clean. It is almost a no-effort material and as such is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Tiling encompasses the modern design ideals of simple, easy and clean. As such, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it in any room of your home if you so wish.

Here at Tile and Stone Online we know how much your living room will be used and an integral part of your home; we want to create a stunning and long-lasting room for you to enjoy with our durable tiles. There is a wide variety of floor and wall tiling to choose from. If you would like any more information about our products, then do not hesitate to get in touch on 01539 741155. You can also keep up to date with our news on Facebook.

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