Small Bathroom? No Problem!

Small Bathroom? No Problem!

We’d all like to have a spacious and luxurious hotel-style bathroom, with corner jet bath, high-power shower and the most expensive fixtures and fittings. For the majority of us, however, it will have to remain a pipe dream, while the reality is often a very cosy space indeed.


A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a problem though, as creating a beautiful and elegant room out of even the smallest of en-suites is easy when you know how. And guess what? We have all the secrets.

Bathroom minimalistic

Lighting & Colour

Small bathrooms can often feel cramped and claustrophobic, which is why using light colours and good lighting is key in making the space feel bigger. As you would with a small kitchen or a small living room, it’s a good idea to avoid darker colours which work to draw the space in and make it feel more compact. Choose a bathroom suite which is white or pale in colour rather than dark slate, black or grey colours.

Nobody wants to see their reflection under harsh illuminations, especially if your small bathroom has no windows and lacks natural light. Picking wall-mounted uplights of frosted glass shades which diffuse the light more evenly around the room can make the space feel bigger – not to mention being more flattering first thing in the morning…


The Right Tiles

Tiling is absolutely crucial in making your small bathroom feel more spacious and luxurious. Small tiles or mosaic can make it feel smaller, so picking larger, pale coloured tiles for both the walls and floor is often the best way of making the room feel lighter and brighter.

White, cream, beige or light grey porcelain wall and floor tiles will make the space feel more expansive, while polished tiles or those with a gloss surface can help bounce the light around the space and make it feel more airy.

Laying Ceramic Tiles.


With some of the finest quality and most beautifully crafted tiles available anywhere, Tile and Stone Online can supply the best tiles to help you make the most of even the pokiest of bathrooms. To transform your small bathroom, simply browse our extensive online catalogue or get in touch today for more advice or guidance in choosing the right tiles for you.

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