How to Create the Perfect Tiled Wall This Autumn

How to Create the Perfect Tiled Wall This Autumn

Autumn is here and the world outside is transitioning from yellow and green to orange, red and brown, there is nothing better than having a cosy room where you can relax with all the family. While summer begs for bright colours and open spaces, autumn invites natural colour palettes that range from greys and browns to greens and off-whites.


It can even be gold, as our Original Style Glassworks Cleopatra prove! Leaves turning gold, golden skies at sunset, ripe golden fruits hanging from trees… this colour fits right in with your autumnal motif and will help you to create a fantastic tiled wall for this time of year.



If you’re looking to breathe new life into your interior design this season, especially your walls, you might find that there are so many choices out there that making a decision can be a little challenging.


We aim to help you make it! Take a look at our tips to create the perfect tiled wall in your home:


Go Back to Nature


What better season to display earthy, organic tones than autumn? A natural look is all about natural elements coming together to create a stunning autumnal look you will love and bring the outdoors in – creating a cosy space in your home can be accomplished through the use of colours and texture that remind of nature and add a splash of warmth at the same time.


For example, our Porcelanosa wall tiles are a great addition to any home this autumn because they can help you to create that natural look you seek. Of course, our Porcelanosa floor tiles are equally as great, ideal for lots of purposed rooms including the kitchen and bathroom. A 3D-effect ceramic wall tile can be a great solution, as it not only provides a contemporary aesthetic to your space, but its texture can also create a plant or leaf-like effect on your walls that will bring nature into your home.



Choose a Style or Theme


Have you ever thought about having a specific style in your home or space? Choosing a theme will help you to better decorate your space, as it will guide your decision. The Marrakech style, for instance, remains quite popular, especially in autumn! After all, the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of vibrant colours – this style will rejuvenate your home and add a rustic charm to it at the same time. What could be more autumnal than that?


A colourful mix of geometric shapes, for example, can transform your home! With our Marrakech Vibrant porcelain tiles you will certainly make a statement and create walls that will be unique to your home. The Arabesque motifs are incredibly popular and will bring your interior design to life with a warmth you’ll, no doubt, appreciate this season.


Let the amazing colours and striking patterns of these tiles do all the talking.



Enhance Your Space with Trendy Tiles


Invite the beauty of autumn into your home by creating a living space that energises your space with its bright colours and vitality. Match your walls to the feeling autumn evokes in you, such as warmth and comfort, and use colour to accentuate your interior design.


Opt for boldness, such as oranges and reds – they bring elegance to any space (be it your kitchen, bedroom or living room, for instance) and create a timeless and decadent finish that will elevate your décor to another level. When you add plants and flowers to your room as well, you will further create the perfect autumnal (and glamorous) space for the whole family.


The Original Style Feng Shui Zao palette is perfect for this, as it invigorates your walls and, of course, your home.

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