Cleaning Your Natural Stone: Expert Tips

Cleaning Your Natural Stone: Expert Tips

If you’ve invested in some beautiful natural stone tiles, we can imagine that you want to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible. They are long lasting and highly durable – as long as they are properly maintained.


However,  no matter how hard you try to protect your natural stone tile products from any kind of spills, scratches or stain, accidents happen and it’s best to be prepared.


If these kinds of accidents do occur for you, follow these expert tips for getting them looking brand new again!


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Avoid Using a Brush to Clean Spills Off Tiles


You should never use a hard bristled brush when cleaning your natural stone tiles, as this will leave scratches on them that can’t be removed.  We suggest using a cloth, sponge or a soft mop to clean your tiles, as these will get rid of spills without causing any further damage. You should make sure you clean up spills as soon as they happen, but avoid wiping them as this just spreads it out.


Use The Correct Cleaning Products When Cleaning Stains


When you’re cleaning your natural stone surfaces, it’s important that you use the correct products; otherwise you could be harming your stone surfaces further. You could use a natural cleaner, a stone soap or a mild liquid detergent along with warm water (we suggest using a dishwashing variety).  If you’re looking for a stone cleaner, you can purchase a non-toxic and no-rinse cleaner that can use daily. This pH neutral tile and stone cleaner is perfect for cleaning any room and will not harm your natural stone in any way. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners.


Use a Grinder to Remove Scratches


Identify the area of the stone tile that is scratched and use water to wash away any residue that has been left behind. Once this has been done, you should wait for it to dry! You should then use a grinder to grind away the scratches you have indentified, as well as the surrounding area. You should stop grinding when you can barely feel the scratches. You should polish after you have finished grinding!


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