Updating Your Bathroom: Top Tips

Updating Your Bathroom: Top Tips

Renovating your bathroom can take less time and less money than any other room in the house – often because it’s one of the smallest rooms. It’s a surprise then that many people often forget about their bathroom when renovating their home.

It’s a room that almost all your guests will use at some point; therefore you want it to look stylish and clean. It’s also a room where you can relax in the bath at the end of a long day, which isn’t possible if your bathroom seems dark and uninviting.

Here are some of our favourite renovation ideas for those thinking about updating their bathroom.

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Invest in a stylish mirror

A mirror in a bathroom is important – you need to be able to admire those pearly whites.

Your bathroom only needs to have one mirror. We suggest hanging an elegant and fashionable mirror above your sink to give your bathroom a well designed look.

Consider a corner sink

If you have limited space in your bathroom, and you feel like your sink is taking up too much room, then we suggest you consider investing in a corner sink.

It saves space and makes room of any “dead” corners that you may have.


Give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint

The simplest way of updating the look in your bathroom is by giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint – it can give it a whole new image.

By choosing a new brighter colour, you can make a dark bathroom look more inviting. On the other hand, by choosing a colour such as cream or grey, you can give your bathroom a relaxing elegant look.

Be careful with the paint you choose though, as bathrooms get damp easily and you don’t want to be updating it every week.

Think tiles

Tiles are an extremely good way to change the way your bathroom looks during a renovation. Good quality tiles can leave your bathroom looking modern and trendy – what more could you want?

Natural stone tiles are wonderful for bathrooms as they can provide your bathroom with a real spa like feel.

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We hope that these ideas for changing the look for your bathroom inspire you into becoming a decorating expert.

If you are still thinking of creative ways to update your bathroom, we can help you out. Here at Tile and Stone Online, we stock a wide range of tiles in a number of different colours and designs – that can turn your bathroom into something beautiful and stylish.

We have a wonderful selection of tiles, including Porcelanosa bathroom tiles, so there is guaranteed to be something to suit every taste.

If you would like any information on our tiles, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01539 741 155 and a member of staff will be happy to help.



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