Spotlight On: Urban Slate Tiles

Spotlight On: Urban Slate Tiles

The South African urban slate adds an architectural emphasis to any interior, with their statement making and true modernism. This popular choice of hard slate offers an enhanced finish with the large format giving a clean, dramatic finish to your walls. Available in a variety of designs and colours, the Urban Slate tiles are sure to create a stunning wall.


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How to Lay Slate Tiles


Slate tiles are most often used for patios and decks outdoors. To ensure a pleasing layout, they need sorting by size and thickness. Although a little more difficult to install, the pleasing outcome outshines this.


As with all natural products, slate tiles require a certain degree of care. Firstly, the slate tiles should be well shuffled to ensure a good blend of colour variation which can be achieved by laying them dry on the floor. This will also give you an idea of the finished result to see if you are satisfied.


You then apply the mortar, adjusting the amount used depending on the whether the tile is thick or thin. A sheet of craft paper should then be spread across, this keeps the mortar from drying too quickly. You must seal tiles before grouting as grout stains the tiles.


After grouting, tiles are packed with more mortar, installing them between the joints. Once done, the surface is wiped with a sponge to clean and remove the excess.


Ways to Use Urban Slates in Your Home


As slate is very versatile and practical, with a long history, it looks fantastic in any room you wish to use it. Being naturally produced and being incredibly strong, it’s great for long haul use.


The contemporary and traditional styles of slate tiles make it a great choice for any home. The areas of the home you can use slate in include; kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, conservatories, showers, gardens on patios, and even roofs.


As slate is both popular to use indoor and outdoor, it has many possibilities for your designs. You can experiment with the different designs on offer to see which suits you.


Why they are a Great Choice for You


Urban slate combines the magic of stone and the charm of nature. Slate tile allows nature to express its beauty with an innovative collection. With six shades to choose from, urban slate highlights the furnishings of the contemporary home by combining the stone with the timeless beauty of slate, making this a great choice for you.


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Some Facts About Slate


Slate is used for more than house decoration. Being strong, it can be suited tomany purposes. Here are some facts on Slate;


Being a good insulator and being fireproof, slate is a reliable material to use in electrical construction. A key example is the early 20th century electric switchboards and relay controls for large electrical motors.
Slate can often be found in laboratory benches top and billiard table tops due to its thermal stability.
High quality slate is used for tombstones.


Here at Tile and Stone, we have a range of urban slate tiles available. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team who are happy to help with any enquiries.



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