Keep a Killer Clean Kitchen

Keep a Killer Clean Kitchen

We’ve given you numerous blogs on how to keep your kitchen and bathroom spick-and-span; ranging from advice on storage and multi-functional uses of furniture to the application of unknown and unusual cleaning tips for your bathroom. Well, at Tile and Stone we feel you can never have too cool of a kitchen, but that sort of mindset will have you out of pocket quicker than a weekend in London. So whilst the temptation may be there to stock up on your next load of Villeroy and Boch tiles for your grand-design kitchen, spare a little thought for your current kitchen and show it a little appreciation for all the hard work it delivers.

Modern red kitchen interior 3d


Stained stone

Stone can be a tricky customer to clean with it being partially porous. The bated breath after the first clean up attempt following a spillage can be frustrating; however, never fear. Tile and Stone are here. By mixing a little 12% hydrogen peroxide into your water, plus a couple of drops of ammonia, you can give your stone countertop a new lease of life.


Scratched stone

One tip to buff out scratches caused by everyday wear and tear is to use superfine dry steel wool. The wool in question is Grade 0000, so make sure you are purchasing correctly. Also, be gentle and refrain from using a general wire wool scrubber as you will find that what once started as a tiny surface scratch has become the Grand Canyon of scuffs, and that’s not good for the morale of any poor kitchen.

Interior of a new kitchen


Tough tiles

Don some thick, black framed glasses as you prepare to become the next Mr. Sheen. Mix half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water to create your own homemade cleaning solution and scrub the offending floor or backsplash tiles with either a mop or sponge. Then stand back with a smug, contented grin.


What wood you do?
If you’ve turned to the dark side and opted for wooden flooring or surfaces in your swish kitchen, we have a tip for you. Mix a bucket of water with white vinegar (9/1) and, as with tiles, clean with a mop or sponge. Then go online and consider buying tiles. Then, if you’re still a wood person, enjoy your gleaming floor. If you must…

Kitchen interior


Washing walls

Painted walls are a tricky one; if you get either an oil or waterborne stain you risk damaging your wall by giving the stain a permanent ghost, haunting your wall’s former glory. Oily stains include cooking oils, grease or even crayon and these can be tackled through the use of mild dishwashing soap and water, however don’t forget to rinse with water afterwards. Waterborne stains, such as wine, ketchup or unwanted former-flying visitors to your home, can be combated with water and a trusty paper towel or cloth.


Ketchup with that?

Bizarrely, copper and brass fixtures and pots and pans can be given a new lease of life through the application of this ol’ kitchen cupboard faithful. By applying a small amount to a soft cloth, you can gently work it in to your chosen copper or brass foe and remove any of the dirt, grease or general tarnish that can come with years of love.

Cute curly toddler girl in a colorful dress washing dishes, clea


There we have it, did you ever foresee yourself rubbing ketchup into your belongings? It’s not just for burgers and food fights. Taking care of your kitchen is important to its longevity and the best way to guarantee that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. The best prevention for any of the above applications would be to simply clean your kitchen the moment you’ve finished using it, but we don’t blame you for wanting to enjoy the heat and get out the kitchen.


There’s only so far our cleaning tips and techniques can stretch before you face the music and look for replacements to your long-serving surface tops and backsplashes; if you would like to speak to one of our friendly professionals about our products or service, contact us on 01539 741155, where we’ll be happy to help you with any queries you may have.

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