Creating Your Japanese Bathroom

Creating Your Japanese Bathroom

Having the same bathroom style for years can be tiring; updating a part of your home is always exciting, whether you decide to touch-up the design or remodel it completely. You can easily transform your home into an enjoyable environment, by incorporating cultures from all parts of the world.
Japan can inspire you to have a clean and simple design for your bathroom, focusing on the country’s connection to nature and water.

Clean Design

Lighting is very important for your new, Japanese inspired bathroom. For a clean and relaxing space, you should avoid harsh lights and utilise lighter tile colours. Bellacasa Agora Blanco is a smooth, glossy finish wall tile that works beautifully with soft lighting.

A small fountain dedicated to Japan’s connection to water adds a pleasing effect to the room, adding to the cleanliness and the aesthetic. Adding a partition to the room will provide extra privacy as an extra barrier between the necessity of hygiene and the wish to relax.


Natural Elements

Bringing wood inspired elements into the design will provide a natural feel to your bathroom. Floor tiles with a porcelain wood effect will help you achieve the style you desire, without compromising the integrity of the flooring material. Grespania Amazonia Castano provides a lovely contrast against the wall tiles.

You can complement the look with plants that enjoy a high level of humidity and tie in to the natural feel. Continuing with a woodland design, you can choose bathroom accessories that add to the style; soap dispensers, towel racks, and shelves in a similar look are great additions.


Relaxing Time

A bathtub is essential for a complete Japanese bathroom. This relaxation and rejuvenation space will let you unwind after a busy, tiring day. Salts and oils for your bath need to be at hand to enhance the décor and relaxation. You can add low, soft music or nature sounds to complete the Zen design.

Incorporating delicate details like a bowl with stones will provide a beautiful contrast against your bathroom countertop. Bright and colourful colours will distract the eye, so keeping to neutral tones with towels and rugs maintains the serenity of the room.

With a wide range of tiles for your bathroom, creating your own interpretation of a Japanese inspired bathroom is easy at Tile and Stone Online. We pride ourselves in our high quality, affordable ranges, which are sure to fit your needs and requirements.

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