Bathroom Hacks to Keep it Organised

Bathroom Hacks to Keep it Organised

The bathroom is that one place in the house where it’s easy to let stuff accumulate little by little, especially because it’s a place of such regular use. And if your daily routine includes a variety of products, it can become difficult to organise the bathroom. It would be a shame to allow it to become so cluttered that you wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful Porcelanosa floor tiles you spent so long choosing anymore, but with these life hacks you can keep your bathroom organised all year around.





Keep your towels rolled in a basket, instead of folded in a cabinet somewhere. Besides being able to fit several towels at once and save on space, your bathroom becomes more visually appealing, since it’s that one step closer to feeling like a home spa.

Also, if you need to let your towels dry but don’t want to keep them in sight, you can install a second rod behind your shower curtain, so that the towels can drip at will into the tub, without ever being on display.


Drawer Dividers

These organisers are a must for anyone who needs to use a large variety of products on a daily basis. Just place them in the drawers to make your morning routine that much simple and fast. This is also a good place to keep small items like hair bands, bobby pins and cotton swabs.

And if you’re short on drawer space, why not opt for a cake stand to organise all of your bottles? Choose one that fits in with the bathroom decoration and you can leave it on display.


Shower Organiser

If your shower doesn’t come with built-in shelves, or if it’s too small to install them comfortably, you can opt for an organiser that hangs on the shower head and keep your soap and shampoo there. This means you don’t have to clutter the shower tiles or perch the bottles on the edge of the bathtub.


Floating Shelves

These types of shelves are ideal for a small bathroom. You can install them in corners and place anything you want on them, even decorative items, like candles, figurines or small plants. But they work just as well even if you have a large bathroom, since they offer an air of elegance to the bathroom.

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