Get the Victorian Look

Get the Victorian Look

The Victorian era is characterised by decadence and sophistication. However, it is not just a style that will remain in the history books of interior design. These days, many people choose to take their inspiration from these bygone days, so how can you achieve the Victorian look in your own home?


Victorian style living room

Decadent Lighting


The Victorian style calls for show stopping pieces that will draw attention. Light fixtures are ideal for adding a little Victorian drama to any room. You could opt for a traditional chandelier style fitting or choose stylish and eye-catching lamps to decorate the room.


Bold Colours


Forget about minimalistic spaces and neutral colour palettes, the Victorian style demands bold colours and extravagant designs. Victorian homes would often use many different colours in each different room. From red to gold and blue to green, this style usually sees the use of rich, bold colours that will make your home feel like a palace.


Utilise Patterns


Just as bold colours were used in Victorian design, so too were patterns. You can use patterns in a number of different ways, in soft furnishings or furniture. However, one of our favourite ways to use patterns is in flooring. Victorian floor tiles offer a great way to get some of the Victorian style into your home, whether you choose to use them in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in the house, these tiles are perfect.


Victorian Floor Tiles

Artistic Touch


If there was one thing that the Victorians loved, it was art. This was an era that saw the rise of artists such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and John Ruskin, and the Victorian style often reflected the art of the time. You don’t need to be an art expert to find art to fill your home. Instead, just look for pieces that you enjoy, after all, you will be the one who has to look at them every day!


Luxurious Materials


The Victorians liked to display their wealth in the way they decorated their homes, so luxurious materials such as marble and mahogany were often used throughout the home, showing visitors just how wealthy they were. Of course, these days, we may not be so desperate to display our wealth to visitors, but you can still use these materials, which are much more affordable now than they were in the Victorian era.


Creating the Victorian look in your home needn’t be difficult. In fact, you can achieve the style with just a few steps. Our Victorian tiles offer a stylish way of achieving a look reminiscent of the Victorian era. Please do take a look at our collection online and don’t hesitate to order a free tile sample.


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