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Free Tile Samples

So, you’ve spent some time browsing our beautiful tiles samples and you think you’ve found the perfect one, but you’re not quite sure whether it will match with your colour scheme – if this sounds familiar then you need some free tile samples! Although we aim to give the best picture quality possible when we display our tiles across the sites product pages, different screens and resolutions can easily affect the colour’s appearance, so making use of our offer and ordering free tile samples online is the only way to ensure that you get the right look.


It’s incredibly simple to get your free tile samples from Tile and Stone Online, so take advantage and order a selection, free of charge – this will allow you to compare them in the flesh before you commit to buying. Once you’ve matched up the tiles to your decor and found a choice that works for you, we offer incredible prices across all of our collections, so you can be sure that you’ll always get a great deal on any tiles that you need.


Order Up To 3 Free Tile Samples Online

We’ll send up to 3 free tile samples to anybody who’s unsure about which tile they want to choose, so whether you’re looking to create a beautiful bathroom or do up your kitchen, you’ll be able to achieve your dream design. Each sample tile that we send will be 100x100 in size, rather than full tile size – perfect for comparing to the furnishings that you already have in place. 


When you order a free tile sample online, you’re not limited to those used just for bathroom flooring. For example, you can request samples for walls and floors or wherever your imagination may take you. Why not do them both at the same time if you’re giving your room a full makeover?


By ordering your free tile samples online with us today, you will be able to see and feel the fine finishes, texture and appreciate the beauty and personality that this could bring to any room in the home or business. If you’re unsure on exactly what you’re looking for, or perhaps even trying to match a current colour scheme, it is always a good idea to order a range of samples to compare colours, tones and textures. It’s often easier to decide when you have the real thing in your hand and you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself liking a different tile more than your original choice!


Contact Tile and Stone for Your Free Tile Samples

You may need further information or opinions from our professional team of experts when looking to order your tile samples online. If you find yourself undecided when faced with the wide range of colour schemes we have available and you would like some knowledgeable recommendations, we are eager to help. With just a small charge to cover the cost of postage, you can have these great free tile samples delivered direct to your door! Contact us today, online or at 01539 741 155 to find out more and take advantage of this fantastic deal.