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Victorian-style tiles offer a unique charm to any home. Although they encapture the stunning classical design, when used within contemporary decor, they can offer a truly remarkable statement piece for your home.

We’re Registered Distributors of Original Style Victorian Floor Tiles

Original Style offers over 35 years of excellence as a brand and has grown into a leading manufacturer and distributor of tiles. Their work began in creating beautiful materials to showcase cast iron fireplaces but has since grown into an incredible designer of beautiful tiles for around the home.

This brand is renowned for its stunning Victorian floor tiles. Hardwearing, long-lasting, and produced using only the highest quality materials, tiles don’t get much better than these. That’s why we’re proud to supply a wide range of products from this well-known brand.

A Fantastic Selection of Victorian Tiles

Original Style’s geometric floor tiles are quintessentially British. These tiles are perfect for recreating traditional Victorian and Edwardian designs and have an authentic, timeless charm. Due to their early beginnings in creating stunning hearths, this manufacturer does it well when capturing classic beauty.

These traditional tiles are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and glamour to any home. And whether you’re looking to restore a period property or simply add a little extra character to a more modern home, these tiles are an ideal option.

In addition to several striking patterns and traditional hues, these tiles are also available in more subtle palettes and designs. Simple yet stylish, these more understated patterns are amazingly versatile and will coordinate perfectly with various interior styles, from the contemporary to the traditional.

These tiles aren’t just for bathrooms and kitchens either; from utility rooms to conservatories, they work well pretty much anywhere. They’re a fantastic flooring option for hallways too and are a great way to make an entrance – literally!

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We offer these terrific tiles at the best online prices. However, we also understand that choosing the perfect tile for your home can be challenging. For this reason, we offer a free tile sample service to ensure that when it comes to picking the right floor tile for your home, it is the right option for you.

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