Why Your Kitchen Needs a Splashback

Flowers on white kitchen bench with splashback

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Splashback

Splashbacks aren’t only a functional addition to your kitchen; they can be eye-catching and stylish too. In this blog, we are going to be discussing some different techniques that other people have used to decorate their kitchen splashbacks and the benefits of having one.

Open plan kitchen with living room in modern house

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Splashback

Splashbacks are very useful because they make the walls behind your hobs easier to clean after you cook. When you have a splashback, you never have to worry about the grease flying from frying up steaks because tiles are easier to clean than a painted wall.  This is because tiles are glossy and repel the dirt and grease better than a painted wall, which might soak it up.

If you aren’t careful when cleaning a bare wall, then you could end up taking some of the paint off and revealing the layer of brick below. When cleaning tiles, however, there is no such worry. It is recommended that you avoid using metallic wool cleaning utensils on tiles as these may scratch the surface, but rags and sponges are fine.

Modern interior of small red kitchen half finished, half 3d illustration clay render

A Beautiful Mosaic Splashback

There are plenty of different ways you can approach your kitchen splashback, including mosaics. A mosaic can look stunning when you use a range of complementary shades and shapes, such as in the image below, but when you create your splashback out of a mosaic then you need to be aware that you will have far more grouting lines than other, more regular splashback styles.

Grout is the most difficult part to clean in tiling, so you may want to prioritise large tiles with less grout for their efficiency and functionality over the style of a mosaic. On the other hand, there is a lot of room for creativity with mosaics, so you may need to consider what means more to you. We have a lot of stunning Original Style mosaic tiles for you to consider if you love a personalised mosaic splashback.

 lovely tight mosaic kitchen splashback

Large Glass Tiles

In contrast to the mosaic, you could also opt for using large glassy tiles as a splashback, as in the image below. These tiles reflect a lot of light, which is great for keeping your kitchen bright and airy, but their thin grout lines mean less time scrubbing and more time enjoying a beautifully clean kitchen.

Flowers on white kitchen bench with splashback

Rustic Glamour

The above examples have showcased two very modern kitchens, but you can make a splashback work in rurally styled home too. This gorgeous rustic kitchen combines its tiling choice to work alongside its heavy use of wood, allowing for a kitchen which is both stylish and functional.

This splashback uses simple tiles, but by placing them at an angle, there is a greater sense of creativity and style. Always consider how you are going to place your tiles when designing your splashback – a slight rotation could make a big difference.

You can find plenty of elegant designs – like the ones below – in our Grespania Tiles UK selection.

Horizontal photo of a modern residential kitchen with stone counter tops, stainless steel appliances, cherry wood cabinets and hardwood floors   (Horizontal photo of a modern residential kitchen with stone counter tops, stainless steel appliances, che

Faux Brick

If your home brings rustic and modern together, then you might consider installing a faux brick splashback. You can keep the essence of a bare wall in your kitchen without the cleaning issues. The example below keeps the tiles flush with the grout, which should help with the cleaning too; the reason grout often gets dirty is that dirt collects in the indents where the grout is, but by keeping your tiles flush you should find cleaning the wall a much smoother process.

the modern kitchen interior close-up detail  photo

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