Tiling for the Future

Tiling for the Future

Here at Tile and Stone Online, we love everything tile related. But we have often found ourselves wondering what the future looks like for our favourite tiling material. What will the tiling of the future look like? What will become of the beautiful Grespania and Porcelanosa tiles of today?


Join us as we look into what we believe will be the tile trends of the future and see if you agree!



Recently, we’ve seen a massive surge in popularity of textured tile. In our last blog we looked at how texture can change the mood and tone of a room, and we think that as texture becomes more and more popular over the next few years, it will become the norm to have textured tile in your home.


Whether the tactile texture of the visible texture tiles become more popular, it’s hard to say. Both bring a certain comfortable feel to the room. Visually textured tiled provide the luxury and appeal of a sophisticated room at half the cost.




Tactile textured tiles bring a certain dimensional element to a room, especially as the surface of the tile can be raised and bumpy, creating some depth in the room.




When people think of tiling, you can bet that they will automatically picture a standard square or rectangular tile. And why not? Tiling seems to have featured this kind of tiling for hundreds of years, with the exception of hexagonal mosaics.




We are seeing this change very rapidly from this uniform tiling to a mix of unusually shaped tiles to create an unexpected focal point in a room. Breaking away from the norm allows you more creative freedom to do what pleases you, rather than what is expected, and with more tile manufacturers realising this surge in popularity of unusually shaped tiles, you can expect to see different shaped tiles become the “norm” in the future.




Neutral is always going to be a popular choice for all rooms in a room. No matter if you are using tiling or wallpaper, a neutral colour scheme will be a big hit. We are seeing more tiles which are incorporating brighter, more vibrant colours, and while this is exciting, bright colours need to be implemented correctly  to gain the full benefit of using coloured tiles.


For example, when you walk into a kitchen and it has been designed to a neutral colour scheme, you feel relaxed and welcomed into the room.


kendal 1


Now imagine walking into a kitchen which is completely decorated with bright colours. Although it may look fantastic, the colour scheme might not be suitable for a room where you go to relax.


That being said, when coloured tiles are used correctly and in the right setting, they can be an excellent focal point in your room which requires very minimal effort to put together and maintain.


There will always be a battle for uniqueness when it comes to interior design, but sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know works, especially with tile as they are a huge investment. The main point to take away is that comfort will always overrule design, and if the design doesn’t take comfort into consideration, especially with interior design, it can sometimes go wrong.


That’s where our experts at Tile and Stone Online come in. We can help you select the perfect tile from your room which will be both durable and stylish and that you will love for years to come! We have a huge range of various different tiles on offer, so if you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01539 741155 and have a chat with one of our friendly team members.

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