Most Common Bedroom Design Mistakes

Most Common Bedroom Design Mistakes

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place you go to relax and unwind after the stresses of the day. If you get your bedroom design right, then it will be an oasis of calm and luxury. Get it wrong and you’ll wake up to a design nightmare. Try avoiding these common design mistakes and you’ll achieve a bedroom that works for you, morning, noon and night.

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Show Home Syndrome

Avoid having everything matching. That furniture suite might be good value but the overall effect can be very sterile and impersonal. The same goes for matching bedding sets and piles of pillows and cushions. This is your space, so fill it with treasured objects that you love. But don’t let it get cluttered – you’re aiming for a sense of spaciousness and calm.


Not Fit for a King

One of the most common design mistakes in bedrooms is trying to squeeze too much into a confined space. You may love the space to spread that a king-size bed affords, but it can rob your room of floor space and diminish walking space. Try a queen-size instead, and don’t skimp on buying yourself a quality mattress.


Let There Be Too Much Light

Harsh overhead lighting and a tatty reading lamp will not convey the mood of quiet tranquility that you’re aiming for. The bedroom is the one area of the house where a mix of lighting is essential. Choose an interesting overhead light, then complement with lamps for aesthetic appeal and directional lights for reading. Finally, make sure that you use black out linings on your curtains to deal with any light spill from street lamps.

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Colour Crazy

Introducing colour in the rest of the home is a great idea and can be very effective in personalising a space. However, the bedroom is not that room. You should be looking at a calming and neutral palette with tones of oatmeals, ecru and even camel and caramel all of which lend an understated elegance.

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