10 Ways to Make Your Home More Elegant

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Elegant

An elegant and sophisticated style in your home is easily put together, from small accessories to bigger elements that can bring the entire design together. Luxury and beauty can be combined with a few changes in your home, and we’ve put together our top ten list of how you can make your home even more elegant than it already is. From a small to a big budget, you can follow these simple tips and find your own design of sophistication.


Hanging Large-Scale Art


You may feel tempted to hang several small pictures on your wall and create a unique design with the frames. Adding a large-scale print, photo, or painting, however,allows room for a focal point and wow factor. With a chic and high-impact feel, large-scale art is easy to find in shops and markets. If you’ve got a low budget, why not buy large canvas and create your own art? You can make a collage of your favourite photos and moments or get creative and start painting.


Don’t Forget About Metallics


By choosing a few accents such as a metal table, a metallic clock, or a brass plant pot, decorations instantly add glamour to your home. In addition, you can combine metallic light fixtures with other accessories to create both depth and beauty. From iron to brass and bronze, you can mix and match a wide range of colours and metals to create your own haven.


Textiles in Your Home


Creating a truly unique and customised design is easily achieved through the use of textiles. Antique or vintage textiles can be used for pillows and throws, or even as statement rugs that you can add strategically in the dining room, living room, or your bedroom. Small pieces can be used to cover seat cushions or upholstered stools, and a unique fabric will always help to personalise your home.


Replace Your Carpet with Tiles


Tiles can help to give your home an elegant look, whether you decide to have a statement wall or replace your carpet. For an extra look of sophistication, Grespania Canaima Wengue wood effect tiles give your flooring a simple, wooden elegance with the added benefit of ease of maintenance. We have a wide range of wooden effect tiles that are perfect for any room, including kitchens and bathrooms.


Give Your Walls a New Look


Elegance can easily be added to your room by giving colour to your walls. You can paint a wall with a stunning shade of blue or green, and incorporate tiles in another wall to create a standout feature. Our Grespania tiles are a gorgeous range of tiles for you to use in your home, ideal for any room. The Grespania Borneo Blanco tiles are cream grey tiles that bring a touch of nature into the home, ideal for your bathroom.


Hang Curtains from Ceiling to Floor


By hanging your curtains close to your ceiling, you can create the illusion of higher ceilings and more space. Your rooms will appear larger and grander; an easy feat with the curtains of your choice. Hanging them just above your windows can give the walls a sparse look, instead of a feature that draws the eye to a beautiful fabric. Avoid polyester and unlined curtains, as they will look cheap and of poor quality.


Let There Be Light


Having several light sources in a room creates depth, as lighting is one of the most important details you can add in interior design. Instead of a traditional table lamp, you can install a pendant light to add a touch of luxury. Candles in reflective and beautiful candle holders are easy and inexpensive ways of adding extra light to any room. This is a great way of updating a space without having to rewire your electrics, and scented candles can also be a big benefit in creating a calming atmosphere.


Incorporate Texture in Rooms


A variety of textures such as metals, glass, wood, and woven materials will provide your home with a sophisticated look, instead of a ‘matchy matchy’ feel. Reclaimed wood tables are fantastic centre-pieces in the living room, with funky, knitted pillows, throws on your couches, and accessories a-plenty to create your own little haven. Your home will feel luxurious with silk velvet textures and faux leather, which will be apparent to any guest visiting.


Minimalism is Elegant


An over-accessorised room will give your home a disorganised and messy feel. Filling your home with decorations isn’t a trend anymore; decluttering is in, and it provides your home with a minimalist and homey look. You will find that your home looks comfy and cosy with only a few statement pieces or pieces with sentimental value that evoke strong and happy memories. This helps you to stay within budget and to ensure that a few strong elements can shine.


Be Yourself


Most importantly, choose patterns, textures, colours, and accessories that reflect your personality and your tastes. If you follow your favourite trends, then you’ll never be bored of your interior design. Why not browse our porcelain wall tiles online to see how you can make your home more elegant? We have a wide range of tiles for your home, helping you to create a stunning and elegant design. To find out more about our products, simply get in touch with our expert team on 01539 741155 and we’ll be happy to help!

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