Hot Interior Design Trends – 2019

Young woman reading book in stylish contemporary apartment

Hot Interior Design Trends – 2019

Perhaps Santa’s promised to bring a new kitchen down your chimney this Christmas, but as of yet, you’re undecided on the colour, style, and shape. You know you want something that’s going to impress your guests and stay in fashion for years to come, but what could that be? You want something that’s trendy and that also suits you as an individual; we’re here to bring you the latest trends in interior design so that you can pick and choose from your favourites.


A hit success from 2018, biophilia is here to stay, and it likely will be for as long as eco-friendliness is in fashion.  Biophilia is defined as humanity’s affinity with plants, and in design, this is expressed by incorporating natural aesthetics into room plans. This can be as little as wooden worktops or as much as planning around introducing a tree into your home.

Some interesting ways to make your home greener is to consider whether rooftop gardens could be an option. Alternatively, if this seems like too much hassle, growing climbing plants outside around your windows could act as a good substitute. You could even grow your own herbs to use in cooking.

If you’re not interested in gardening but like the aesthetic, it’s also fine to buy replica plants instead.

If you’re interested in biophilia, you might want to plan your tiling accordingly. We recommend the natural looking Grespania tiles which come in a variety of colours including grey, beige and also marble patterns.

Young woman reading book in stylish contemporary apartment


Continuing on the thread of biophilia and more natural-looking homes, blush tone furniture will be in style. Blush tones pair very well with pale colours and will often act as the focus of the room.

We recommend soft pinks and greyed reds to create a natural, yet warm and vibrant interior. It should be noted that the texture of velvet goes especially well with these desaturated colour shades, as it creates a sense of depth and luxury.

Living room interior wall mock up with velvet sofa and plants, 3d render


This is the information age, and we love it; filling your home with smart technology and innovative design is one way to keep you entertained in your home. Multifunctional furniture is one easy way to embody this concept – think sofa beds and extendable tables.

Some of you might be thinking that the smart house is at odds with the biophilia movement, but in fact, it’s the opposite. Biophilia has come on the back of our improved awareness of planet safety and ecofriendliness; smart is the new sexy, combining biophilic elements with your technology. Dress your living room in plants and use eco-friendly heating and lighting.

Young woman using application in his smart home


As part of the smart home phenomenon expected to endure into 2019, making better use of the space you have is also a feature that will turn heads in the new year. Consider adding kitchen racks, using statement light fittings, or making your ceiling the focal point of your design through some funky wallpapering. For too long ceiling aesthetics have concentrated on making what’s above you as subtle as possible.

retro edison bulbs hanging / suspended to a wooden ceiling in loft, the concept of creativity


Eco-friendly, fun and interesting fashion pieces constructed from recyclables are very in. Choose some pieces of furniture that are not only tables and chairs, but are arguably pieces of art in their own right. You don’t want too many of these, as it can make a room look too busy and distracted, but one or two pieces can add a lot to your design.

If you can, handmade and custom-created is even better. Present your guests not only with a brilliant new room, but one that’s full of stories. Alternatively, you could consider getting antiques upcycled, and incorporate something with tradition and heritage into your home.

Traditional golden arabic coffee set with dallah, two cups and dates. Dark background.


Finally, the most important point is not to be afraid to mix it up and create a space that is truly you. Let your imagination run wild and make your rooms work to suit your needs. If you prefer a cosy living room, then don’t force yourself to choose bright white lights over some warm lamp fittings.

Be original, consider what’s in and what you like – set your own trends. Design trends are here to help provide you with inspiration, not to dictate your home. If you’re in need of something different, you might be interested in making a statement through your tiles. In this case, why not consider our original style wall tiles?

See you in 2019!

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