Minimising Renovation Costs

Minimising Renovation Costs

Whether you’re thinking of replacing your tile floor or renovating your entire kitchen, minimising how much you spend is always important. Getting the room of your dreams is an easy feat to achieve – and at affordable prices!

Plan Around Deals

Before starting to plan a renovation and undertaking it, you should look for deals that will help make your life that much easier. If you want to change up the style of your bathroom, looking at furniture specials, for example, will help you cut on costs.

Tile clearances are also a great way of adding an extra touch to your room without breaking the bank. If you want to have a specific look in your bathroom but the beautiful tiles you want are a bit out of your budget, keeping clearance deals in mind is a great option. Right now, we have a variety of 11 tiles on clearance that will allow you to save on costs per piece. Whether you want a darker Musca Antracita tile or a lighter Ultra Beige tile, you’ll find an affordable choice for your home.


Get Free Samples

Finding the perfect tiles to go with your home design is essential! You need to know if they will go with the colour scheme and if the material is exactly what you need. Seeing a picture online, as good as the quality may be, won’t give you the same experience as having a sample in hand.

That is why here at Tile and Stone Online we provide up to three free tile samples in 100×100 size, so you can compare it physically with the personal style of your home. You’ll be able to create the room of your dreams easily!


Have Fun!

A home renovation, no matter the size, should be a fun experience you get to share with your loved ones. After all, changing up your home is exciting, as you feel like your home just became brand new, while keeping the same sentimental value.

And because we want you to relax and enjoy your home renovation, if you make a purchase of more than £1200 you can win a free one night stay for two people in the Lake District. Giving yourself time to recover between designs, furniture shopping, and all of the renovation decisions will keep your home environment stress free.


If you have any questions about any of our promotions and deals, just get in touch with us on 01539 741155 to speak with our friendly team. We’re always happy to help you find the ideal solution for your home at an affordable price!
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