Get Inspired with Antoni Gaudí

Get Inspired with Antoni Gaudí

You have decided that it’s time to give your home a new look, but you are yet to decide the aesthetic, so the next step for you to take is to look at some of the best ideas on the internet. In this article, we will be looking at one of Spain’s most interesting architects to show you the amazing designs that tiles can achieve with a little imagination.


Antoni Gaudí

A master architect whose only other love was his religious faith, Gaudí’s use of tile is unique and inspirational. He had a great love for Mediterranean art and allowed it to fuel his many projects which are scattered across Barcelona, with many available for public viewing.

Although Gaudí’s work is quite outlandish and is a style that is unlikely to suit many homes, by understanding how he worked and the concepts behind his work, we can find ways to inspire ourselves to make our own homes stand out from the rest in ways that are stylish and bold.

Religious Faith

Gaudí’s fierce connection to his Catholic religion gave him the motivation he needed to cultivate his dedicated work ethic. His success can be understood first and foremost through the intense passion that he felt for his work and studies.

Near the end of his life, Gaudí dedicated his efforts towards the still incomplete Sagrada Familia which began construction in 1882. When the plans for the Sagrada Familia were handed over to Gaudí, he completely reinvented the design to match his own unique style. Without Gaudí’s intervention, the Sagrada Familia might not have become such an important piece of architecture.

You can replicate this idea within your own home design plans; don’t be afraid to be bold and express yourself in all walks of life. For a home that has something unique to say, you may wish to consider including some Original Style wall tiles in your design ideas.

original style wall tiles ktas img

Original Style Wall Tiles

Nature Studies

Along with his religious faith, Gaudí felt very connected to nature. This is something that many people today can understand as eco-friendly practices become more and more popular and we learn to better respect and love the earth as Gaudí once did.

Gaudí studied nature throughout his youth, it’s influence apparent in his use of curves which rebel against typical architecture’s rigid cornices and straight-laced lines. Gaudí understood the freedom and comfort that living amongst nature can imbue in the human soul and so he sought to replicate that through his designs.

You too can let nature inspire your home designs; adding some indoor plants or utilising natural colours will allow natural themes to fill your home with their warmth and comfort. We’re thinking wood-effect floor tiles, locally sourced woollen blankets and lots of natural light.


Mediterranean Inspiration

Gaudí was proud of his heritage and embraced Mediterranean style and colour in his designs. His work is incredibly bright and colourful with lots of rich blues against passionate reds. To Gaudí, nature’s palette was intense and colourful and those colours flow through his work in a manner that is bold and bright without seeming childish or immature.

For a British household drawn to natural heritage, the rainbow spectrum frequently present in Gaudí’s work may not be as fitting. When interior designers from the Northern hemisphere draw from nature, the colours they replicate tend to be varying shades of grey and brown – the sky and the earth – such as can be seen by the popularity of the pale Scandi style.

Gaudi, however, was surrounded by blue skies, bluer seas and rich sunsets which means that his colourful designs are quite fitting for their Mediterranean habitat. To replicate a taste of the Mediterranean in your home, you might want to choose some bold colours to accent your living quarters.



More than anything else, Gaudí clearly loved the power of the mosaic. The colour gradients present in his designs are possible through his masterful use of these tiny tiles. The first mosaics date as far back as 1500 BCE, but Gaudí’s designs in Park Guell prove that they still have the power to amaze.

If you fancy adding some Gaudí-esque style to your home, Original Style Mosaic Tiles have a vast array of mosaic tiles in various shades and colours for you to test and try on your walls.

 selene original style mosaic

Original Style Mosaic – Selene


For a home that is bursting with the artistic flair of Antoni Gaudí, add some bold colour, some mosaics, natural themes and a few Mediterranean ornaments. For ceramic wall tiles online, look no further than us; we’ve got tiles in all styles, colours, sizes and shapes. Where will you take your home next?

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