3 Ideas to Reuse Old Tiles

3 Ideas to Reuse Old Tiles

When a bathroom or kitchen is updated with some fresh new tiles, you’ll be faced with a pile of your old ones and no idea what to do with them. Before you go throwing them out, have a look at these ideas and consider all the other things you can do with your old tiles.


First, ask around your friends and family to see if they’d like them. The tiles may not be fit for your decor anymore but they could fit in excellently with somebody else’s. It doesn’t take too much work to remove the grout and glue if the tiles were removed in one piece.






Old tiles that are still in one piece are the perfect size to be upcycled as coasters. If the tile is already a design you’d like as a coaster- brilliant! If not, it’s pretty easy to stick a photo or pattern on there and glue it with an adhesive like Mod Podge. If you’re feeling super-artsy you can draw the design on yourself! After you’ve got your coaster looking how you want it to, stick a material on the bottom that will stop it from scratching any surface you put them on; cork is a good idea and is pretty cheap.




Mosaics allow you to unleash your creative and crafty side, and there’s no better material to make them with then broken tiles. You can make a mosaic on photo frames, tabletops, vases and anything else you can think of. Simply collect all of the broken bits of tiles up (break any up further if they’re a bit too big) and arrange them into a mosaic using any design you like. Use a combination of as many colours as you like to create the finished product you want and then secure them down.




Photo Frames


If the tile is in one piece you can use it as a base for a photo. Place one or more photos on the tile and then secure them with some paste. You can even cover the top with a piece of glass to prevent the photos being damaged.


These are an excellent way to place photos around your house and make even better gifts for people, showing just how much you care.



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