What Colour Tiles Go With a White Kitchen

What Colour Tiles Go With a White Kitchen

White is a colour that has been in style for kitchens for many years. Its clean and contemporary look always stays in fashion and is excellent for long term investment if you ever plan on selling your home. It suits both small, large and open plan kitchens with ease. It makes a great staple base to canvas your own style and taste. Consider breaking up those white surfaces and cabinets with a dash of colour. Make a statement, or a subtle contrast with some beautiful new tiles, either as part of your splashback or new floor.

Bright, Bold, and Powerful

Breaking up your white with some bold block colours can be an ideal way to achieve a modern and sleek aesthetic. Choosing the right colour, however, is essential. Unlike painting, tiles will be much more challenging to replace if you change your mind. Don’t let this put you off, be daring and brave, make a statement with your kitchen tiles. When deciding on a colour to pick, consider when and how you use your kitchen.

If you spend your evenings entertaining in the space, consider what lighting you will be using and how it may reflect on your colour choice. Most bulbs will come in any kelvin, so if your current bulb doesn’t quite work with your choice of colour, there are plenty of electrical wholesales who can find you the right light. Don’t forget, we offer free tile samples, so if you are unsure if you have picked the right colour, there is always the option to try before you buy.

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Subtle Shades 

If you have a remarkably modest kitchen, dark colours and multiple textures often make the space seem much smaller. This shouldn’t mean you cannot add your signature to the decoration, but instead of looking for matching white tiles, add a subtle shade into the aesthetic of your kitchen with the likes of our Candy Cane Wintergreen Porcelain Mosaic from the Ca Pietra range.

This delicate shade of green can add a fresh infusion into the feel of the kitchen whilst still ensuring an airy and bright space. Adding a pale shade of colour can effortlessly maintain the serenity and clean, crisp white style.

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Delightful Décor with Patterns

Patterned tiles can be a brave move when decorating because they come in and out of popularity, much like anything else within fashion. However, choosing a timeless statement pattern can make sure your kitchen stays in style for many years to come.

Give your splashbacks a personality with some incredible design to contrast the white glare, giving the space texture and depth. If you have a large kitchen, you could be as daring as you choose with the design, but if you have a smaller kitchen, a more subtle pattern or colours will suit your home best.

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Natural and Neutral 

If your home has a very natural palate, then daring colours and patterns may not quite fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the house. However, that does not mean you can’t add a bit of flavour to your kitchen. With some natural stone tiles, you can easily extend that sense of keeping in touch with nature.

Natural stone flooring is a great way to ensure the durability of your flooring whilst providing an ageless, organic feeling to a room. They are ideal for smaller kitchens as they open up the space well and can add a refined supplement to your white canvas. Alternatively, you could decide on our wood-effect porcelain tiles, encompassing that embracement of nature.

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Victorian-Style Tiled Flooring

Having a white kitchen is perfect for creating an elegant and timeless design, and nothing quite says timeless better than Victorian style tiled flooring. This pattern will forever be a favourite amongst homeowners, giving the impression of both taste and prosperity. They are ideal for Victorian or Edwardian style townhouses or homes.

Whilst we offer a range of options for Victorian style tiles, these deep and warm colours could contrast your white kitchen smoothly, offering both a crisp and warm nature to your space.

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Embrace the Embossed 

Experiment with textures to contrast a white kitchen with an embossed tile. Tiles with a bit of depth can add character to a room and instil a sense of great style and creative design. They stand out aesthetically and physically, adding flair to any room.

Our Pewter Tiles can provide a vintage look to either a floor or a wall with ease. Originally designed for ceilings, these tiles can provide a contrasting addition to your white kitchen with great style.


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Having a white kitchen is a blessing and provides you with ample opportunities to create a colourful yet subtle open space or bold and bright statemented décor to match the personality of your home. Whatever your style is, our online store will be sure to have a tile to suit either floor or wall.

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