Tile Trends for 2021

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Tile Trends for 2021

Updating your floors or walls is a fantastic way to revamp your home, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom or living area. As we settle into a new year, it’s time to look ahead and predict what the hottest trends of the year are going to be. Tile trends come and go, but some colours and styles never go out of fashion.

Tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in unique ways to create practically any look for your home. Whether you like vintage, retro looks, or prefer pure contemporary and the latest styles, there will be a colour, shape or pattern of tile available that can give you your dream look for your home. Here’s what we’re expecting to be the biggest tile trends in 2021.

Bold Colour Combinations

While neutral and muted colours are always a popular choice for some people who would rather their furniture or fixtures be the focal point of a room, in 2021 we’re predicting a rise in the number of people opting for bold, bright coloured tiles.

Bold colours work fantastically in a neutral looking space, like the bathroom or kitchen. Colours can be incorporated into a pattern alongside whites and greys, and using a statement colour in this way can make a wall or floor pop in the light. Earthy colour tones can help create a rustic feel to a space, such as with greens, rusts and bronze.

In 2021, don’t shy away from colours. They can be used in so many ways to make a room stand out and look bold and beautiful.

Colourful TilesLarge Format Tiles

Large format tiles have been popular for many years now, and we think this will continue. Large tiles are frequently found in the likes of spas, and we believe this encourages people to want this for their own homes in rooms like the bathroom, to mimic the relaxing environment.

Large tiles can also help a space look bigger, especially when used on both walls and floor to give a cohesive look. These big, beautiful tiles are easy to maintain and will prevent a room from looking too busy, making them ideal for spaces with lots of artwork or attractive fixings.

Large Format TilesNatural Look

People have always loved the natural look and feel of tiles in their home; that’s why they’re so popular. In 2021, we’re predicting this trend will continue and for people to be seeking out this natural look. Stone, wood, concrete and marble effects can all be created through the use of tiles, giving people the best of both worlds. They get the convenience, durability and high-quality of tiles, but with a look that suits them.

Mixing textures in this way offers a twist on contemporary, giving a room an atmospheric look that can draw the eye.

Natural TilesHexagonal Tiles

Tiles traditionally come in square or rectangular shapes and are placed in simple square formation patterns, but hexagon-shaped tiles are set to be a big contender in 2021. Hexagons can provide both a classic and contemporary look, thanks to their versatile uses. Their clean, sharp lines can create a beautiful backdrop to minimalist décor, and their unique shape can be used to create an eye-catching feature wall.

Hexagonal TilesDark and Dramatic

Dark tiles haven’t always been popular as people love light, neutral colours for their ability to open up a space. But black or dark grey tiles can give a room a theatrical and stylish look that some people just adore.

When paired with a moody palette or Victorian style furniture and fixings, dark tiles can really add a dramatic and surprisingly vibrant look to a room. With a matt finish for variations in tone, the use of dark tiles can delight and inspire in a home.

Dark TilesDecorative Tiles

Some people love tiles that blend seamlessly into a room and create a neutral backdrop to place bright, colourful furniture pieces. But for others, it’s the tiles themselves that provide the eye-catching focus of a room.

Decorative tiles are bold, bright and intricately patterned, expressing a whole host of personalities, styles and aesthetics. You can use tiles to really get creative with cutting edge, graphic styles that will transform your wall or floor into a work of art. Consider the geometric patterns of the art deco style, giving your home a touch of the roaring 20s, or a Moroccan style tile for a colourful mix of varying geometric shapes. Whatever your aesthetic, there is a decorative tile to suit.

Decorative TilesIn 2021, be bold and get the tiles you’ve always dreamed of for your home. If you’re looking for online tile suppliers, at Tile & Stone, we stock an unbeatable range of tiles for all your home improvement needs. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive range of floor and wall tiles.

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