How to Create a Contemporary Look with Tiles

How to Create a Contemporary Look with Tiles

Tiles can be used in so many ways to create specific styles in your home. Whether you live in a period property, a rustic farmhouse or a modern city centre flat, there will be tiles out there that can help transform your living space into a true work of art.

If you’re style preference is for modern, then you might be wondering how tiles can help you get that contemporary look you’re after. Here are some different ways to use tiles in your home to get that modern feel.

Sophisticated and Neutral

Neutral tiles like whites and pale greys never go out of fashion. They blend beautifully into the background and allow statement furniture pieces to stand out and draw the eye. Consider a hallway done entirely in neutral tones, giving visitors a breath of fresh air when they enter your home. Many colours and pattern choices can become dated or old fashioned over time, but neutral, sophisticated tiles will always be a popular, contemporary choice.

Scandinavian classic kitchen with wooden and white details, minimalistic interior design

Art Deco

A number of trends have started coming back into fashion, including Art Deco. When you combine a love of white marble and gold metals, you can see why this 1920s style is fast coming back into fashion. It combines both luxury and modernity, pairing vibrant colours and geometric designs to create striking features. The Art Deco look is ideal for a bathroom where you can add touches of marble, gold, and glass to keep everything looking clean and fresh.

The interior of the bathroom is in Art Deco style.

Transition Tiles

Tiles don’t have to be for an entire wall or floor; they can be combined with other materials and used to make eye-catching transitions.

Consider a freestanding bathtub on its very own backdrop of floor tiles, while the rest of the bathroom has wooden flooring. Not only will this put your bath in the spotlight and make it pop, but the tiles also have a practical use in that it’s much easier to keep clean and dry in high-moisture areas.

Tiles can also be used to line a shower while transitioning to paint or wallpaper in the rest of the bathroom. Using tiles in this way creates a visually interesting effect while drawing the eye. You can also use the technique in other rooms like the kitchen, using tiles as a splashback, or to section off an area for dining in an open plan kitchen.

Luxurious BathroomBold Statement Tiles

Going bold can create a real statement look in the home that oozes contemporary style. By using large, non-repeating patterns in a bold colour, you can create a unique look in the likes of the bathroom or kitchen. When used sparingly alongside muted furniture and fixings, the tiles become the room’s statement piece.

Colourful TilesContrasting Colours

Tiles come in a range of colours and designs, and one way you can get that contemporary look for your home is to use contrasting colour palettes. Neutral and tonal hues are great, but a stark contrast is a very modern look that can make your room stand out and look fresh. You can use a colour wheel to help find contrasting colour palettes.Contrasting Colours

Geometric Patterns

Geometric tiles just never go out of style. There are so many varieties to choose from, from big and bold to small and intricately detailed. They can bring a sense of fun and whimsey to a space. Geometric patterns can be a little overwhelming if used in too big a space, so they are best saved for smaller rooms like a narrow hallway or a small bathroom. When combined with neutral, soft furniture, geometric tiles can really bring that fantastic contemporary look you want in your home.

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