Don’t Let Your Bathroom be the Bane of Your Home- 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Let Your Bathroom be the Bane of Your Home- 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Updating your bathroom is a great way to subtly refresh your home. It’s amazing what a few licks of paint and a new shower curtain can do, but what if you’ve gone one step further and re-designing the whole room from top to bottom?


Anyone can make a mistake when it comes to creating a new interior for any room in the house, and for the most part, many mistakes can easily be rectified with very little cost.


However, if you are investing a lot of time, money and effort into a full re-design, you will want to get it right first time.


Here are 5 common mistakes that are made when designing a new bathroom, and how you can avoid making them!


Lacklustre Lighting


Although you don’t want to welcome the world into your bathroom when you are trying to relax in your hot, soaky bath, you do need to have adequate lighting in place to make it feel at least somewhat cosy.



The main mistake many people make is relying on a single light source in the bathroom. While this has been the norm for bathroom designs in the past, it can often make a room feel flat and uninviting, especially if the bulb used isn’t bright enough to illuminate the whole room.


Using different light sources such as mirror lights, floor lighting and wall lighting with the addition of access to natural light, can give a room depth, and flexible lighting solutions that let you change the level of lighting can put you in control of how light or dark you want the room; perfect for those relaxing evenings spent in the bath!


Small Tiles


Why make more work for yourself by installing tiny tiles in your bathroom rather than the larger, more attractive Grespania wall tiles?


Tiles 2

One of the most difficult things to keep clean in your bathroom is the grouting between your tiles, and if you install small ones, then you are increasing the amount of grout that you will have to clean. Larger tiles will use less grout and will help you cut down the time and amount of time that you spend cleaning your bathroom.


Making the Design Too Trendy


It can be very tempting to update your dated bathroom to a more contemporary design to make it feel more modern and on-trend.


Although this can result in a beautiful bathroom design, you need to be sure that you will be happy with keeping the design for more than a couple of years. The problem with trendy interior design is that  popularity changes like the wind, so you may find that your ultra-modern bathroom will become dated within a year or two.


Stick with a classic style of design and use easily replaceable aspects such as mirrors, shower doors and taps to keep the look updates and on-trend if this is something that you are worried about.


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