The Benefits of Tiles Over Carpets

The Benefits of Tiles Over Carpets

Although tiles have been used in homes for millennia, never before have there been so many different types to choose from. Where carpet would have been the norm in most UK homes over the last 50 years, more and more rooms are being floored and walled in tile. Some very impressive tile trends have emerged in 2018 so far and have found their way into many households improving interior designs and property values of countless homes.




Despite the ubiquitous use of tiles across the UK, seemingly little attention has been paid to their numerous advantages, particularly over carpets. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing tiles, rather than carpets, for your home.


Easy to Clean

Cleaning tile floors is incredibly easy, especially compared to cleaning carpets, which is often extremely difficult and can incur enormous costs if the severity of the stain is high.


Tiles in general require much less maintenance, relative to carpets, so you will find yourself spending a lot less time keeping your tiles in good repair. A bit of regular sweeping and periodic wet-mopping should do the job.


Spotlight on Porcelanosa Floor Tiles



When it comes to durability, tiles are a class above any other floor covering, with certain types of tiles, such as ceramic and Porcelanosa, lasting a lifetime thanks to their durable nature. Even with thorough care, most carpets will not last more than 10 years, making tiles the straightforward choice in terms of the lifespan of flooring.


Tiles work great for highly trafficked rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways since they can withstand the everyday wear and tear associated with areas of the house that are exposed to high footfall.


Moroccan Mosaic Tiled Decoration




Tiles are not just an excellent choice due to their superb durability; they’re also very versatile. You can purchase tiles in so many different designs, colours and textures; you’re guaranteed to find the perfect tile for your home.


The trend for indoor/outdoor living is growing rapidly in popularity, and tiles are crucial in creating a unified living space. This can be achieved by using the same tiling you’re your living room through to your patio, subsequently creating a larger space.


Tiles can contribute significantly to improving the appearance of your home, and one tile design that is a brilliant choice is the Marrakesh tile design. This is a refreshing option that creates a statement focal point, imbuing any room with charm and character. This traditional tile uses Mediterranean designs, creating a Moroccan style of timeless elegance. This stunning range adds a beautiful and luxurious touch to your interior.


Our Marrakech porcelain tile adds a colourful mix of eye-catching geometric shapes, bringing your floors to life. Introduce these captivating Arabesque tiles to your home and make a real statement!


There are so many benefits of opting for tiles, and here at Kendal Tile and Stone, we have an extensive range of high-quality floor and wall tiles. To find out more about our products and services, get in touch with us today.

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