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Elegant Marrakech Floor Tiles

The intricate and detailed style of Marrakech floor tiles can be used to add vibrancy to your space.

Whether used in a kitchen, hallway or dining room, colourful Marrakech tiles are excellent when complemented with a neutral colour scheme. They add an extra dimension to a room, providing colour and form.

They can also be paired alongside other neutral tiles to create modern shapes within your floor or walls.

Marrakech Floor Tiles at Tile & Stone Online

Our range of Marrakech floor tiles includes two tiles with neutral colours, best when used alongside other bold colours, the Marrakech Soft and the Marrakech Monochrome. The third tile in the Marrakech range is the Marrakech Vibrant.

All three tiles are made from Porcelain, a highly durable tile, well suited for high-traffic areas.