Natural Stone Backsplash Ideas

Natural Stone Backsplash Ideas

Natural stone offers a range of benefits to a home, from cosy and warm aesthetics to modern and sleek design. Whatever your style is, natural stone provides a range of possibilities and is much harder to wear than many other materials, such as wood and wallpaper.

Their durability and grade choice could offer a unique style within any part of your home. However, have you ever considered a natural stone for your kitchen’s backsplash?

Slate, Sleek and Sophisticated

If you want to upgrade your kitchen to one oozing with opulence and elegance, then employing slate natural tiles as a backsplash can be a simple way to start. Whether you have dark wood or light wood features in your space, adding the natural slate can instantly give the room a step up to a higher level of class and contemporary tone.

This style is also ideal if you have an open-plan apartment with bachelor-style aesthetics or a contemporary bachelorette-style space. To get this look, you could consider our high-quality Brazilian Black Slate Riven tiles, which provide the ideal tile for a backsplash.

Living the Natural Life with Limestone

If the slate tile is a little dark for your taste, or you have a more modest kitchen that may not handle too many dark features, you could choose a lighter shade for your natural backsplash. Limestone offers the perfect alternative and provides a warm energy to the room.

The natural shade of limestone offers a perfect canvas for the kitchen and is a tile that will not only last for many years but, due to its neutral colour, can remain a classic aesthetic that will always be in style. There are many advantages to employing limestone within your kitchen, but perhaps the most important is its anti-bacterial qualities.

It is no secret that the kitchen can often be the room that sees the most traffic, so having a durable and easy-maintenance limestone backsplash could give your kitchen a beautiful natural appeal that will not require a lot of cleaning. For example, our Ca Pietra Beaulieu Velvet Limestone tiles complement any limestone backsplash and offer an easy maintenance flooring option.

Mix Up Your Kitchen With Marble

Marble has been used for many years within homes and has grand associations with royalty. For this reason, many homeowners use marble to add elegance and class to their interior designs, which works exceptionally well within kitchens. As a result, it has been a popular choice for many kitchens, and we predict it will be a natural stone that will remain in high demand.

Marble is also the lowest maintenance material when using natural stone, and with the unique style, your kitchen can be as impressive as the rest of your home. With its sophisticated patterns and sleek finish, marble offers a shine to any room more than many other tile choices.

In addition, like with any tile, marble is hardwearing, durable, and perfect for everyday use as a backsplash in busy kitchens. In addition, with a vast array of colours and styles to choose from, no matter what your kitchen aesthetic aim is, marble can complement any interior design choice. As online tile suppliers, we offer a vast selection of marble tiles.

Add a Splash of Colour to Natural Stone

The colour options of tiles are very neutral, so if you want to add some bold colour to your kitchen, you could do this by contrasting the natural blends offered by a stone backsplash. This can work exceptionally well with the likes of slate and marble.

You could employ the colour through a range of bright accessories, or the kitchen unit colours. The most favourable natural stones to use for a colourful and bold kitchen are the likes of white marble or dark slate tile, as these offer the perfect blank canvas whilst still providing the elegance that using these beautiful tiles offers. The Ca Pietra Marble Luxe Laurent porcelain tile, which can be found as part of our Ca Pietra range, can assist in providing beautiful contrast to most colours and offers all the benefits of natural stone.

Alternative to a Natural Stone Backsplash

Natural stone as a backsplash may not suit every kitchen’s style or personal taste. However, if using a natural stone is essential to you, there is always the option to add natural tiles as part of your kitchen flooring design instead.

Natural floor tiles can provide the ultimate durability flooring choice and are perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Having little requirements for maintenance, these are ideal for the modern family who is always on the go and still offer the warmth or elegance that installing natural tiles gives to a home. These can pair wonderfully with the addition of porcelain tiles, and as Winchester tile stockists, we can offer a beautiful selection of manufactured tiles to accompany your natural tile flooring.

Finding Your Perfect Backsplash With Tile and Stone Online

Whatever your dream kitchen style may be, you can be sure that we will have a tile to suit all tastes and designs. However, if you are struggling for inspiration or are unsure where to begin with your tile choices, check out our Original Style kitchen tiles, which offer a broad collection of tiles from porcelain to natural stone. You can order most of our tiles directly online, or for the more exclusive collections, you can contact us directly, where our expert team will be sure to assist you with all your tile needs.

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