Floor Tile Ideas for Small Kitchens

Floor Tile Ideas for Small Kitchens

Many modern homes built with the small working family in mind tend to offer relatively modest kitchens. Over the years, family dynamics have changed, meaning what was once a busy room filled with activity and homemade cooking and baking is often only used to serve evening meals. This concept resulted in many smaller kitchens being installed and was very prominent in the 90s new build properties. Although bigger kitchens saw a comeback in the last decade, many families are still left with kitchens of little space. However, this shouldn’t mean that your small kitchen should be forgotten about.

There are plenty of ways to elevate your kitchen, regardless of size, including adding a little elegance to your home with some beautiful new floor tiles. We explore some ways you can use tiles to help create the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

Elongate the Room with Lines

If you have a rather modest-sized kitchen, using straight lines to give the appearance of more space is an ideal way to reduce any claustrophobia in the room. Using the likes of our wooden effect tiles and laying them with their length parallel to the widest part of your room will help make it appear more extensive than the space actually is.

Lines are used universally across many styles and design industries to change the appearance of space, so why not use this in your kitchen? Wooden effect tiles offer the beauty of wood, with the easy maintenance of porcelain tiles. Pair them with light cabinets to incorporate the feeling of a spacious kitchen into your home.

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Match Wall to Flooring With Natural Stone

Another way to elongate the room is using large profile natural stone tiles. Used as a floor tile alone, their neutral light tones, such as sandstone and limestone, can offer an excellent opportunity to embrace the feeling of space. However, continuing this throughout the room and adding these large profile tiles to your wall will make your kitchen feel even bigger. Even tiling up half of the wall can offer this innovative improvement to your kitchen.

Limestone natural tiles offer the perfect solution to busy kitchens, making them a bonus in your home. Being durable allows them to stand the test of time and will provide your kitchen with beauty for many years. In addition, since their tones are very neutral, they can be paired with any style and colour. So whatever you decide to do with your walls, there is little worry about clashing with other décor choices.

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Add Some Glamour With Marble

Marble flooring is an excellent tile choice for many reasons. First, there are so many variations of marble that you can guarantee your floor will be unique to your home. In addition, it offers some stunning subtle patterns within lighter shades. This can provide your kitchen floor with a mixture of textures without worrying about being too busy, which is especially beneficial for smaller kitchens. Glaring patterns and colours can often overpower modest-sized kitchens, making them feel cluttered, whilst marble offers stunning subtlety.

Marble is also an excellent choice if you wish to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen. For years, marble has been associated with the epitome of class and style, so adding it to your kitchen can elevate the stature of your space. Whichever natural stone you choose for your kitchen, you can be sure it will offer you quality and hard-wearing capabilities. We have many beautiful marble tiles throughout our collection of Ca’ Pietra tiles, take a look today and get inspired by this stunning style.

Invite In the Natural Light

The most advantageous décor choice for smaller kitchens is incorporating as much natural light as possible. Anything which catches the light will help to make a small space feel grander. You can do this with various tiles, from a reflective finish to a glasswork tile. For example, Glasswork tiles from our selection of Original Style tiles reflect the natural light wonderfully in your kitchen. Although you may not wish to add an entire floor of reflective tiling, you could install it in a pattern with other tiles. This method could offer your kitchen a unique statement and leave every guest full of envy.

Most tiles are reasonably versatile and can provide durability and strength in even the most high-traffic areas of your home. If you are worried about protecting your tiles further, many coatings and sealants will protect your tiles from damage. Consider adding an extra layer of protection if this is an option you wish to explore.

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Subtle Patterns to Expand Your Perceived Space

If you like to add some character to a space to make it your own in a small kitchen, this can be challenging. As we’ve already mentioned, too many patterns and bold colours in a kitchen can enclose the space and make it overbearing. However, if a pattern is a must-have for your kitchen, consider the using colour tones you have around the room. For example, make your floor the focal point of the room, and use paler shades throughout the rest of the kitchen to tie it all together.

Using lighter shades and a less bold print gives stunning texture and personality to the decor choice without spoiling the flow of your kitchen. Alternatively, consider a more subtle pattern, adding character to your kitchen on the floor without being too powerful that it takes attention away from the rest of your kitchen. This is a prevalent choice for many homeowners whose kitchens are modest in size.

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