Kitchen New Year’s Resolutions

Kitchen New Year’s Resolutions

As we are coming into the New Year, you may be setting yourself resolutions. These could be anything from trying to get yourself to use your gym membership, or to spend less and save more, but if you love your kitchen and believe yourself to be a real foodie, focusing on your kitchen could be the perfect alternative resolution.


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Organisation is Key

Getting organised is the perfect way to clear the mind and de-clutter for the incoming of a new year. Whether this is general cleaning, and getting rid of all that stuff hanging around, in cupboards. There’s bound to be that bread maker that you nether use or the unopened box of glasses that need cracking open and organising. Begin by determining what items you use on a weekly basis, and where is best convenient for your food and items to be placed in certain cupboards.


Get the Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

Do you question the styling every time you enter your kitchen? This room is the hub of the house and no doubt, the room you spend the most time in, as well as it being the place friends and families gather. Considering this, a re-styling could be essential to making your New Year one to remember. This could be a simple lick of paint to bring some life to the room, new tiling, or a complete new design.  What about getting the island feature you’ve always dreamed of or some new in ceiling lighting. These changes could make 2017 a great time to be spending in your kitchen.


Spend More Time in the Kitchen

Whether you have a family, or like to spend time alone in your kitchen, spending more time in the kitchen is a great resolution for the New Year. By spending more time in the kitchen, you are sure to end up being more productive; whether this be preparing meals, cleaning or spending time with the family. Cooking can be a very therapeutic, de stressing activity, and the more time you spend there, you are definitely going to increase them culinary skills.

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Invest in the Perfect Appliances

Try and think of how you use your kitchen. If you’re not a morning person, the perfect investment that could make your 2017, could be a brand spanking coffee machine. If it’s that dream appliance you’ve always wanted; well now is the perfect time to just go for it and get that super slick machine. Another option could be a dishwasher. This could be the appliance to save you all that time you don’t have, washing up. Especially when it comes back round to Christmas and having family or friends round. Whatever your dream appliance be, giving in and purchasing this product could make the New Year a lot easier, and why not treat yourself. You deserve it.


Your kitchen has most probably been through a lot over the Christmas, and giving the space a lift could do wonders for a great feeling into the New Year. Get in touch with our friendly team at Tile and Stone on
01539 741155 where our experts can certainly help you and advice you in ways to make your kitchen happy again. By doing one or more of the above, you will certainly make 2017 a great time to spend in your kitchen.


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