Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Individual, quirky, and budget friendly, vintage finds are a true wonder. They allow you to show off your personality while creating a stunning bedroom with gorgeous bedding, accessories, colours, fabrics, and so much more.


The term vintage can refer to any item that is more than 20 years old but younger than 100, but these items are usually from the 40s and 50s. Whether you like more ‘modern’ vintage stylistic options or ‘older’ ones, you can truly transform your bedroom.



An Unexpected Item


The vintage style is fun and playful; show off your own unique and whimsy style through personal items. If you collect something such as old globes, ceramic dolls, or other vintage objects, make sure to place them as central pieces in your bedroom.


As vintage objects fall outside the realm of the contemporary, these exclusive items will feel and look special. Surround yourself with decoration choices that make you smile and brighten your mood when you see them. Your bedroom is, after all, supposed to be a place in which you can relax and let the stress of the day seep out your body.


Old and New


The beauty of a vintage bedroom – and style in general – is that you can easily combine vintage items with modern ones. Incorporating only period pieces can be a bit overwhelming and it’s always a good idea to mix up vintage and modern.


An easy way of doing this is to choose beautiful vintage furniture and give them new life through a new coat of paint. For something new, choose bedding that fits in with your theme and colour scheme. A nice throw will still have a vintage feel while balancing the room and making sure that the vintage pieces don’t overpower everything else.


Vintage Colours


To create your vintage atmosphere from scratch, you first need to start with your colours. Pick a colour theme that you like best and contrast it with white. Vintage colours are often soft with a pop of a stronger colour, and you can easily achieve this with soft coloured walls and tiles. Green, such as Pavillion Green tiles, or soft blue tiles, such as Marlborough Landscapes Sky, provide the ideal contrast for you vintage atmosphere.


In addition, add a mix of different fabrics and patterns such as floral, birds, or botanicals; bedding or accessories are fairly inexpensive ways to achieve the results you want. Whether you wish to change your bedroom completely or create a vintage haven in your bedroom, you can easily find the colours and tiles that fit your requirements.

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