Matching Floor and Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom

Matching Floor and Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom

We notice trends come and go when it comes to redesigning a bathroom. We have seen the contemporary, modern, and even the vintage style returning in the past few years. Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and wash away the day’s troubles. Having the right aesthetic for your bathroom helps to create a room offering peace and tranquillity.

By far, one of the most popular tile ideas of 2022 we have seen is the matching of wall and floor tiles. This trend has been gaining momentum for many years and remains popular this year. This style has many benefits and disadvantages; making sure it will fit your bathroom is essential before planning your renovation. As an online tile supplier, we thought we would offer a helpful guide to assist you with your decision.

Do Your Wall Tiles Have to Match Your Floor Tiles in a Bathroom?

Creating a fully matching bathroom is purely down to personal taste. Many interior designers will consider the available space before making this decision, as matching the walls and floors with tiles can affect a room’s feel. If you have a remarkably modest bathroom space, choosing large profile tiles and matching grout for both your wall and floors could make a tremendous difference in the room’s spacious feel.

Lighter, simple, but elegant tiles can help elongate and expand the appearance whilst creating a luxurious tone. So if you have a small bathroom, we think matching your tiles for your walls and floor is an excellent choice. If you are looking for some tiles to help you achieve this, our Ca’ Pietra Tiles collection has some beautiful large profile tiles for that endless feature in your bathroom. Even with varying styles, if a matching floor and wall doesn’t quite appeal to you, there are still some stunning bathroom designs which don’t match but compliment each other well

Should Your Bathroom Shower Tiles Match Your Floor Tiles?

Again, it all depends on personal style and what you want to make a feature in your bathroom. We have seen some incredible designs which showcase the wall to which the shower is mounted and match the floor tiles to create a continuous feature. This ideal is excellent if you have a narrow room you would like to appear more expansive.

However, using unmatching tiles in a large bathroom could help create areas within your space, so using a different tile for your shower and floor could help create a style across the entire room. To create a unique approach, you could match your shower to other room areas, such as the wall behind the lavatory.

Should Your Bathroom Be Fully Tiled?

A fully tiled bathroom offers the benefit of easy maintenance. As the most humid room within your home, with usually the least windows and ventilation, tiles can provide a durable material against the warm temperatures and moisture in the air. Renovating your home with tiles is not just a decoration choice but an investment for your home. The likes of wallpaper and paint do not last for very long in the bathroom, and you can find yourself re-decorating more often.  With care and a quick regular clean, tiles can last for many years, even up to 40 years. So, if you wish for your bathroom decor to keep for many years, we highly recommend tiling over other alternatives.

On the other hand, we have seen some beautiful bathrooms that have only tiled the necessary sections to protect against water damage. They often use the tiles around the room, tying in many colours into a stunning effect. Another option to prevent the need to tile your entire bathroom is by using an alternative flooring. There are many viable options with lino and wooden flooring. Lino is suitable for a more cost-effective solution, but due to sun damage and excessive use, you will find yourself replacing this regularly. The better solution would be wooden flooring, but with the humidity and water, you may find this swelling and require regular treatment to keep it looking as beautiful as you laid it.

If the wooden flooring is a style you desire, you could easily get the appearance of wood, with the durability that tiles bring, with some wood effect Ca’ Pietra floor tiles. These tiles could offer you the best of both worlds; durability and a natural wood style.

Playing With Patterns

Using a patterned tile in your bathroom is great for all styles and décor tastes. You could create a bold and tasteful room by incorporating a patterned tile across the floors and walls, or you could showcase the pattern on purely the wall. Contrasting the feature and preventing it from getting lost with beautiful, elegant, but simple and light tiles.

Patterns can offer many characteristics. You can be daring and go for bright and bold designs, or with some beautiful marble effect tiles, you could provide a subtle yet luxurious statement piece to your bathroom. These simple yet effective designs can be found within our Original style tiles collection and our Original Style wall tile for mosaic tiles.

Coordinating Solid Tile Design

Solid colours offer simplicity at their finest, and choosing the correct colour is essential. If patterned tiles don’t appeal to your bathroom space, consider pairing and coordinating solid tile colours to form your unique style and taste. By designing your individual tile design, you can guarantee that no one will have the same bathroom style as your own.

Whites and beiges with a glossed finish can reflect natural and false light, which can open up your bathroom and is ideal for those with a more humble-sized bathroom. Another option for tiling is only tiling halfway up your wall. Using a single solid colour design, you could protect the most vulnerable areas of your bathroom whilst still being more flexible with your design choice.

With all this to consider, it is no wonder many homeowners feel a bit stuck for choice. We know that there is a tile you will love eventually. If you are in the predicament of tile choices and design inspiration, take a look at our complete collection of tiles, from simple and elegant to bold and daring.

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